Webinar: Capitol Hill Day Policy Briefing

Presented on March 9, 2022

We know that joining together amplifies our voice and impacts the decisions that are made in Washington, DC. Join us virtually as we share with our elected representatives our amazing stories of impact and advocate for the highest levels of funding for critical housing and community development programs.

We need our members of Congress to make history by ensuring the historic investments in housing proposed last year in the Build Back Better Act actually get passed.

Our Federal Policy Priorities are:

  • Expand rental assistance through the Housing Choice Voucher program;
  • Preserve and repair public housing by investing in the Public Housing Capital Fund;
  • Build and preserve more affordable housing for the lowest income
  • Households with the national Housing Trust Fund; and
  • Improve the Low Income Housing Tax Credit through additional funding and other important technical changes


Gale Schwartz, Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania

Aaron Zappia, Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania

Keena Minifield, Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania

Hadar Re’em, Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania

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