Whole Home Repair

Pennsylvania finally has a statewide program intended to focus on an age old problem – old housing stock that requires repair to keep homeowners and renters in their homes. The Whole Home Repair program was created by the PA legislature and funded with an initial $125 million from federal discretionary American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) dollars.

We owe thanks to the many legislators that supported this program because they understand the benefits of home repair for families to remain in their homes and the connection between home repair and blight.

  • Home repair programs keep families in the most affordable home they can have, the one they live in. Home repair programs improve our safety, health, and allow us to function safely within our homes. 
  • And if homes are abandoned, they add to blight in the community, causing cascading impacts on community safety and health, property values, and municipal services.

The Housing Alliance is:

Hosting a Peer Exchange

  • Open only to those that have an official role in delivering the program at the county level, participants have a chance to speak directly to their peers in other counties about implementation successes and challenges through a series of monthly virtual meetings that are designed to offer a more informal setting for discussion.

Making Policy Recommendations

  • Everyone is excited about the potential of the statewide Whole Home Repair program to make a significant dent in home repair needs for homeowners and renters. These policy improvements and tweaks will simply allow those delivering the program at the local level more flexibility to quickly and effectively get those funds out the door.