It is our vision that a home will be within reach for all Pennsylvanians.


The Housing Alliance is a statewide coalition working to provide leadership and a common voice for policies, practices, and resources to ensure that all Pennsylvanians, especially those with low incomes, have access to safe, decent and affordable homes. 

We promote common-sense solutions to balance Pennsylvania’s housing market and increase the supply of safe, decent homes for low-income people.


  • Equity
    • We acknowledge that not everyone starts in the same place with the same opportunities. We strive to create an adaptive and equitable culture by centering our organization’s mission, functions and activities to elevate our communities’ uniqueness – particularly with consideration to marginalized communities – and address them in a fair and just manner so they can engage in meaningful participation and leadership in the housing sector.
      • Cultural Humility, Promote Inclusiveness
  • Integrity
    • We unify our mission through data, research, and evidence driven best practices by embracing honesty, open communication and accountability as central tenets of our organization to fulfill our vision.
      • Accountability, Open Communication
  • Impact
    • We intentionally develop activities with clear goals and measurable outcomes that align with our stakeholders’ voices through fostering education, collaboration, growth, adaptability, and hope.
      • Adaptability, Collaboration, Education


Advocacy and Lobbying

  • Promote policies, legislation, and programs that support our mission
  • Update our membership of legislative happenings
  • Meet with legislators and their staff to advance critical legislation
  • Provide opportunities for advocacy and lobbying at the state and federal levels
  • Make advocacy easy by providing information including fact sheets and talking points


Supporting Local Practitioners

  • Convene local practitioners to advance programs
  • Lend capacity and credibility to promote programs and policy solutions

Technical Assistance

  • Share information and expertise with communities
  • Assist with capacity building and staff training
  • Assess feasibility of new programs
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