Blight Technical Assistance

Comprehensive Strategic Blight Plans

We can help your community and its residents create a Comprehensive Strategic Blight plan. We can provide a trained facilitator for 3-6 months to guide your community through the development of a community-driven blight action plan. We have developed as a resource to guide this process the publications We Can Do This: A Five-Step, Fast-Track Blight Plan and From Blight to Bright. Contact us at if you are interested in finding out more.

Land Recycling and Land Banks

What community leaders get: Reviewing the Pennsylvania Land Bank Resource Guide and tailored technical assistance on the feasibility of creating a local land bank or other local land recycling program. Depending on the feasibility for a land recycling program and where a community is in the process of creating one, technical assistance may include: a needs assessment; outreach and engagement of elected and appointed officials, presentations to key constituencies/general public; preparation of supporting documents including a business plan, ordinance authorizing a land bank/other land use recycling program, and any necessary Intergovernmental cooperation agreements; or startup support.

Code Enforcement – Best Practices

The Housing Alliance works with communities, beginning with From Blight to Bright and provides tailored technical assistance and training on best practices in code enforcement including legal aspects of code enforcement systems; what you can and cannot do today under state law; financial aspects of code enforcement; how-to – benefits and requirements of an effective code enforcement data system; succeeding in Magistrate’s Court; and data, data, data.