What Modern-Day Housing Discrimination Looks Like: A Conversation with the National Fair Housing Alliance

Zillow Research

For many Americans, housing discrimination is a fact of life.  Redlining and other policies and practices have contributed to a widening in the black-white homeownership rate gap over the past century, despite legal protections that apply by race and 11 other legally protected designations.

Zillow teamed up with the National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) to survey 10,000 adults in the largest 20 metro areas nationwide about housing discrimination. The Zillow Housing Aspirations Report (ZHAR) survey conducted in October 2018 found that roughly one in four adults believe that over the course of their lives, they’ve been treated differently in their search for housing due to illegal discrimination.

NFHA President and CEO Lisa Rice works every day to combat housing inequality and discrimination.  Zillow Research had a conversation with Lisa on her insights about some of the eye-opening results gleaned from the ZHAR survey.

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