The HoUSed Campaign

July 2021 

As we shared last month, the Housing Alliance has joined the National Low Income Housing Coalition’s HoUSed campaign to promote substantial increases in critical federal affordable housing programs.  

The HoUSed campaign includes several legislative priorities. Three of the bills that are priorities for the HoUSed campaign and for us at the Housing Alliance include the following (summaries from NLIHC). 

Affordable Housing Tax Credit Improvement Act (S. 1136) 

  • The bill expands the Low Income Housing Tax Credit by 50% over five years and make important reforms to help the program better serve families with the lowest incomes. The bill also includes reforms to help build more housing in rural and tribal areas.  

Housing is Infrastructure Act (Discussion Draft) 

  • This bill invests $70 billion to fully address the capital needs to repair public housing and invests $45 billion in the national Housing Trust Fund. The previous version of the bill passed the House in 2020 as part of the Moving Forward Act.  

Public Housing Emergency Response Act (S.598, H.R.235) 

  • This bill fully addresses the $70 billion capital needs backlog to repair and preserve public housing for current and future generations