WEBINAR: Innovation, Health, and Housing – Oh My!

In a highly regulated environment where data-sharing was almost nonexistent and housing waitlists abound, UPMC Health Plan and Community Human Services developed an idea, a program called Cultivating Health for Success (CHFS).

Driven by their mission, UPMC formed a partnership with Community Health Services (CSH) to create Cultivating Health for Success (CHFS), a now 8-year HUD-financed permanent supported housing project. The project creates stable housing (HUD-financed) and care coordination supports (UPMC Health Plan financed) with a static capacity of 25 high-risk individuals.

The success of the program led to a substantial investment in a minority-led real estate fund focused on improving housing stock in low income communities. And recently, a new Pay For Success type investment was created to scale CHFS, in partnership with CHS, in order to continue to reduce spending on health care for our most vulnerable members.

Dan Lavallee, Director of Government and Business Relations, Government Programs, at UPMC Health Plan

Jeremy Carter, Chief Housing Officer, Community Human Services