Housing Locator Virtual Summit

Presented on July 25th, 2023

Rents, utilities, food and other basic needs are rising faster than incomes and the shortage of affordable housing is growing. In spite of all that, frontline staff are still finding permanent housing options for people using tenant-based subsidies reliant on rental housing in the private market.

With an unprecedented tight rental housing market, we ask all housing locaters to come together to expand and improve the strategies that can work to bring private landlords to table and accept subsidies and tenants with multiple barriers.

Together we will learn, share, and discuss:

  • Insights from recent research into landlord views on working with tenant-based rental assistance programs post-pandemic.
  • Trends in services and financial incentives designed to reduce the real and perceived risks for landlords.
  • Strategies for supporting clients with multiple barriers to housing stability, including homelessness, criminal records, and eviction histories, in finding and maintaining housing.
  • Ideas for future resources needed to support both agencies, clients, and landlords in long lasting stable rental relationships. 


  • Andrew Fenelon, PhD, Assistant Professor, Epidemiology & Community Health, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
  • Selena Ortiz, PhD, MPH. Associate Professor, Health Policy, Demography, and Public Policy, The Pennsylvania State University 
  • Alyssa Feher, HOME ARP Grant Manager, PA Department of Community & Economic Development
  • Brandon Durbin, Economic Development Analyst, HOME ARP Grant Manager
  • Brenden Auman, Economic Development Consultant, PA Department of Community & Economic Development
  • Moderator: Gale Schwartz, Associate Director Policy & Programs, Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania

Presentation Slides

Fact Sheets on Landlord Incentives:
Menu of Incentives
Recruitment/Retention Bonus
Vacancy Payments
Barrier Removal Payment

Check out full event recording here.