November 2022 Legislative Update

By Aaron Zappia, Senior Government Relations Manager

PHARE Win Once Again and Other Legislative Updated

Spend a few minutes catching up on some exciting news from our Senior Government Relations Manager Aaron Zappia.  He’s included a short video and recap below with everything from uncalled races which will determine the control of the PA House to the PHARE Cap increased to $60 million, and the Blight Package a set of blight fighting bills becoming law.

Watch a short video or read the article below. 

To watch the video click here.


The results of two uncalled races in Bucks and Montgomery Counties will determine which party controls the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.  Provisional and overseas ballots are still being counted, so final results may not be known for days. 

As most have predicted, Pennsylvania Senate Republicans have held their majority now holding 28 seats; however, for the first time in over a decade House Democrats are within reach of controlling their chamber.

As of this writing, PA House Democrats have secured 101 seats and PA House Republicans hold 100 with 102 needed for the majority.


With the close of the 2021-22 Legislative Session, celebration is in order with a $20 million PHARE cap increase signed into law on November 3rd.  PHARE’s current $40 million cap will increase to $60 million starting in July of 2023.  While the effort seemed just out of reach after the near miss of being included in the budget, we found a pathway to enactment through an omnibus tax code bill.

The key to success was anticipating potential legislative activity and working to keep the issue top of mind with House and Senate leadership.  At the same time, advocates across the state remained engaged in asking their legislators to make PHARE a priority.