Making the Connection

Housing Matters to Health

In Pennsylvania’s urban, suburban, and rural communities, a group of individuals bounce from the streets and the woods to emergency shelters and to hospital emergency rooms. They are living with mental illness, opiate and other substance use disorders, and chronic health conditions – never receiving the support they need to end this vicious cycle.

Permanent supportive housing is an evidence-based model that ends the cycle of homelessness for these vulnerable individuals and prevents continued unnecessary hospitalization and institutionalization.


REPORT: Making the Connection-Improving health outcomes by providing housing and support to individuals experiencing homelessness, mental illness and substance use

Making the Connection – Appendix A – Methodology

Making the Connection – Appendix A – List of Pre-Tenancy and Tenancy Support Services: CMCS Informational Bulletin – Coverage of Housing-Related Activities and Services for Individuals with Disabilities

Recently, the PA Department of Human Services announced the findings of a study on the effects of permanent supportive housing programs on long-term health and health care spending among Medicaid recipients experiencing homelessness. We are excited to share that PA Dept of Human Services Secretary Teresa Miller announced that DHS is seriously exploring the use of Medicaid for “housing support services” and “up front expenses of moving into a home.” We thank her for her leadership and look forward to working to make a home within reach for more people currently experiencing homelessness and living with behavioral health, substance use, and other chronic health conditions.

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