Housing News of the Week 10.2.19

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Your View: How a simple tool could help working-class Allentown residents
The Morning Call

Revitalization should include all of Allentown’s residents. Hundreds of luxury apartments have been built and more are under construction, but this growth has left the majority of residents behind. Some of the blocks that are now home to upscale apartments, restaurants and skyscrapers used to have housing and amenities for working class people in Allentown. Hundreds of other cities with gentrifying neighborhoods and a lack of quality workforce/affordable housing have utilized a tool called inclusionary zoning. It is time for Allentown to do the same.

Can Medicaid Expansion Prevent Housing Evictions?
Evictions are increasingly recognized as a serious concern facing low-income households. This study evaluated whether expansions of Medicaid can prevent evictions from occurring.

Stopgap Spending Bill Enacted to Fund Government through November 21
The Senate passed by a vote of 82-15 a stopgap funding measure, known as a continuing resolution (CR), on September 26. President Donald Trump signed the CR on September 27, extending Congress’s deadline to pass twelve fiscal year 2020 (FY20) spending bills to November 21.

Creating Moves to Opportunity in Seattle-King County
Starting in 2017, researchers at Opportunity Insights and several other universities partnered with the Seattle and King County housing authorities, J-PAL North America, and MDRC to evaluate a housing mobility program across King County, Washington. This pilot, the first under the Creating Moves to Opportunity (CMTO) initiative, builds both on academic findings from our research team, along with years of existing practitioner expertise on housing mobility implementation. This study represents one of the only randomized evaluations of a housing mobility program in the United States.