Creating a Statewide Eviction Prevention Strategy: A Virtual Forum

June 10, 2021

By adopting five strategies to prevent eviction, we can ensure community stability and we can make it possible for all families to fulfill their life aspirations through the foundation that stable housing provides.

The five strategies are:

  • ongoing rental assistance;
  • landlord-tenant mediation programs;
  • expansion of legal services and representation;
  • connection to supports and services for tenants that are at most risk; and
  • outreach and partnership with landlords.

Join us on June 10th for a thought provoking discussion as we take a deeper dive into each of the five strategies and how we can all collectively work together to expand resources for eviction prevention. Together we can support over 165,000 renter families and individuals at risk of eviction and displacement when the moratorium ends and stabilize communities across the Commonwealth.*

*U.S. Census Pulse Survey, March 17-March 29, 2021, Households Behind on Rent

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