Young families spend more on housing, feds report

By: Brian Bowling, Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Published: Aug. 3, 2017

Single parents spent more of their budgets on housing than any other type of “consumer unit” in 2015, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Married couples with young children were a close second while married couples with at least one adult child spent the least on housing.

Single parents spent 36.8 percent of their budget on housing while married couples whose oldest child was under 6 years old spent 36.3 percent. Married couples with at least one child 18 or older spent 27.5 percent.

Based on data from its Consumer Expenditure Survey, the bureau analyzed spending by seven types of consumer units that range for people living alone, people living together who are financially independent, single parents and married couples with or without kids. It’s possible for a household to have more than one consumer unit based on the financial independence of its members.

People living alone or with nonrelatives spent the least on transportation, 16.3 percent, while married couples with no one else living with them spent the least on food, 11.8 percent.

Married couples with at least one teenager spent the most on entertainment, 5.3 percent.

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