‘We’re coming for you’; Shamokin mayor issues warning to owners of blighted properties

By: Larry Deklinski, Shamokin News Item

Published: July 11, 2017

SHAMOKIN — Mayor William Milbrand issued a stern warning to people who fail to maintain their property: “We’re coming for you.”

Milbrand told people in attendance at a city council meeting Monday that anyone with outstanding warrants will be taken into “physical custody” and brought before Magisterial District Judge John Gembic to face the charges or pay their fines.

“I am sick and tired of the crap that’s going on in this town,” he said of blighted properties. “It’s going to end as of right now. Every single day, all I do is get phone call, after phone call, after phone call about houses that are falling down, blighted properties and people who just let their properties go for taxes.”

The mayor’s statement was met with applause from the gallery.

Milbrand stated he had previously met with Code Enforcement Officer Rick Bozza, police Chief Darwin Tobias III and Gembic to discuss the situation. Milbrand said that Gembic was agreeable to make himself available at any time.

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