Webinar Recording: Updates on Rental Housing Affordability in PA

Research from the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia confirms what our experience tells us. With the increasing number of renters combined with aging housing stock we are seeing higher rent prices and fewer affordable rental units. Across the state, there is a deficit of rental units both affordable and available to low-income renter households, resulting in an increase of cost-burdened Pennsylvanians. Now there is a new tool to provide the data to quantify what we are seeing.

Learn how to use the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia’s newly launched Rental Housing Affordability Data Tool which enables users to examine trends in rental housing affordability in the Third Federal Reserve District. The tool also shows who is cost burdened in PA- such as the elderly, low- income families, and the differently-abled.

The webinar also explores how to use the data to make the case for more quality, affordable and accessible homes.

Participants in this webinar will:

  • Be provided with up to date information on the availability and affordability of rental housing in PA.
  • Learn from the Housing Alliance how to use available data to advocate for the most vulnerable populations.


  • Eileen Divringi, Community Development Research Analyst, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
  • Cindy Daley, Policy Director, Housing Alliance of PA

Federal Reserve Bank’s Powerpoint Slides

Housing Alliance Powerpoint Slides

Webinar Recording

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