Webinar Recording: Medicaid, Supportive Housing Services and the Crosswalk

Webinar: July 26, 2016

Medicaid, in its expanded form, creates new opportunities for more people to get connected to the care and services they need to be healthy.  However, Medicaid in PA could be stronger, when it comes to linking vulnerable people with housing in order to help them manage their medical conditions.

The Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) has spent nearly a year examining Pennsylvania’s Medicaid program, and talking with housing providers and the Department of Human Services. Their findings, known as a Medicaid crosswalk, identify key areas where housing providers and medical providers advocate for state activities that can lead to more resources and a a better system.

  • Learn more about the connection between housing and healthcare, and
  • Hear more about how Medicaid can be used to connect vulnerable populations (those with substance use disorder, the chronically homeless, those with HIV/AIDS, etc.) to supportive housing services.
  • Hear about key recommendations that advocates will use to promote improvements to the Medicaid system.


  • Monica Medina McCurdy, PA-C, VP Healthcare Services, Project HOME
  • Marcella Maguire, Ph.D. Director, Health Systems Integration, CSH
  • Patrick Keenan, Director, Consumer Protections & Policy, Health Access Network (PHAN)

Access the recording here