Webinar Recording: Housing First Standards Assessment Tool

Webinar recorded on November 10, 2017

This webinar reviews the Housing First Standards Assessment Tool recently released by HUD for use by Continuum of Care programs. This tool enables all CoC providers to assess how closely their program aligns to best practice standards for Housing First. The webinar reviews the purpose and instructions for administering the tool as well as the key domains that are evaluated and tips for how agencies can use the tool and improve fidelity to the HF model.

Suzanne Wagner, Principal, Housing Innovations, LLC

Powerpoint and Supplemental Materials:
HUD housing-first-assessment-tool 9-2017 Summary Report printable
HUD housing-first-assessment-tool 9-2017 Printable – All tabs except Report Summary
HF Standards Webinar 11-2017 Wagner (002)

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