Webinar Recording: Foreclosure Prevention

According to the FDIC one out of every 200 homes will be foreclosed upon in a year. The foreclosure process can be lengthy and difficult to navigate, but there are resources and options for homeowners at risk or experiencing foreclosure.

Learn all the basics of the foreclosure process, including prevention, do’s and don’ts, and remediation options. The presenters offer helpful tips on how to navigate the process and explore options such as housing counseling, loss mitigation, loan modifications, and bankruptcy.

Participants in this webinar will:

  • Be provided with a chronological explanation of the foreclosure process
  • Learn about ways to prevent foreclosure
  • Learn about the options available once the foreclosure process has begun, including:
    • What housing counselors have to offer
    • Should I file for bankruptcy, and
    • Where to find other helpful resources.


  • Michael Froehlich, Managing Attorney, Homeownership & Consumer Rights Unit, Community Legal Services
  • William H. Hall IV, Esquire, Senior Manager, Housing Programs, Clarifi

Webinar Recording

Foreclosure Prevention Powerpoint Slides

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