Webinar Recording: Diversion and Coordinated Entry

Recorded April 28, 2017

Diversion and Coordinated Entry are community-wide strategies for improving access, assessment and referral to housing and services for people experiencing homelessness. Learn how Diversion and Coordinated Entry are being used effectively in both single county and geographically diverse multi-county regions of Eastern Pennsylvania.

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn about Single County Coordinated Entry efforts
  • Hear examples of innovations in Coordinated Entry
  • Learn how to make Coordinated Entry effective when using it for multiple counties
  • Hear about the latest HUD rules


  • Jason D. Alexander, Principal and Co-Founder, Capacity for Change, LLC
  • Kathi Krablin, Associate Director of Development, Valley Youth House
  • Kayleigh Silver, Your Way Home Program Manager, Montgomery County Office of Housing and Community Development; Chair, Eastern PA CoC Coordinated Entry Committee

Diversion and Coordinated Entry for Homeless Services 04.28.17

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