Webinar Recording: Addressing Blight Proactively to Favorably Impact Municipal Budgets Work Smarter – Tools that are more Effective and Cost Less

Recorded September 23, 2016

This webinar covered webinar the overarching theme of addressing blight and making communities more financially viable.


  • How Act 47 communities are effected by blight
  • Tools for assessing blight, the proven “The Five Step Fast Track Approach”
  • Tools for prevention including Code Enforcement; Property Maintenance Ordinance and disqualification of bidders at tax sales
  • Other Important Blight Measures of Rental Registration Fees, Conservatorship; Land Banks


  • Rick Vilello, Executive Director, Governor’s Center for Local Government Services
  • Mayor Matt Pacifico, City of Altoona
  • Phyllis Chamberlain, Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania
  • John Kromer, Consultant
  • Winnie Branton, Branton Strategies LLC
  • Chris Gulotta, The Gulotta Group, LLC

To access the recording, click here. 

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