Trump, Ross Rent Plans Would Harm Low-Income People in Every State

Plans from President Trump and House Financial Services Housing and Insurance Subcommittee Vice Chairman Dennis Ross would significantly raise rents on low-income people with federal rental assistance.  The plans would work differently: the Trump plan requires specific rent increases on nearly all Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) rental assistance recipients, while the Ross plan (released as a draft bill) leaves some increases for state and local housing agencies to decide and is largely limited to two major HUD programs: Housing Choice Vouchers and public housing.  But both proposals would have many of the same harmful effects.

The Trump plan would raise rents by $3.2 billion a year once it’s phased in, while the Ross plan would allow annual increases of as much as $4.9 billion.  New CBPP estimates show the impact of the Trump and Ross plans in each state and the 100 largest metropolitan areas.

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