Heading hidden

As a new President, Secretaries of key federal agencies, and Congress begin its work, the Housing Alliance will be highlighting the many opportunities that exist to build upon successful federal programs that provide more opportunity – a hand up and not a hand out – to those individuals and families that seek to better their circumstances. There has been remarkable bipartisan support at the federal, state, and local levels for preventing and ending homelessness, combating blight, and utilizing low income housing tax credits to create more housing for lower income households. As the Housing Alliance has done continually, we will be making the case for more affordable homes for people with low incomes. We will do this through the following measures:

Legislative Visits

The Housing Alliance will be conducting district and DC visits throughout the year to the Congressional and state delegation to reiterate that Federal and state programs for increasing affordable housing, ending homelessness, and improving communities ARE working and need to continue to be funded so millions of Americans can have shelter and security.
    • If you want to take part in your own visits, and would like help organizing them, contact victoria@housingalliancepa.org

Organizational Sign on Letter

The Housing Alliance circulated an organizational sign on letter to HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson.  We hope he stays committed to providing affordable and accessible housing to the most vulnerable populations and communities throughout the US. The Housing Alliance also circulated an organizational sign on letter to support expanding NAP (Neighbor Assistance Program). The Housing Alliance supports expanding NAP from $18 million to $36 million, which would be the first expansion since its inception in the 1960s.

Share Your Story

We are collecting stories in order to keep people, including Pennsylvania legislators, informed on the importance of the availability and funding of housing and services programs. We would like to spread our message through sharing the stories of real life people who have been positively impacted by your programs and supports. If you or someone you know or work with would be willing to share their personal story, please fill out the name and contact information here so we can follow up.