Side yard program aims to fight blight

By: Lindsey Kennett,

Johnstown, Cambria County, Pa. – The authority started a side yard program where people can purchase vacant lots next to their homes.

The Johnstown Redevelopment Authority owns about 75 vacant properties throughout Johnstown. All of the lots zoned for residential use are eligible for the side yard program.

“We can create a more positive image in some of the neighborhoods where we did have to do numerous demolitions through the years where there were blighted properties,” said Melissa Komar, the executive director of the Johnstown Redevelopment Authority.

Komar said the new program will help the area’s economy.

“The side yard program will work towards a more positive tax base for this area and it will also bring the properties back into taxation once they are passed onto the private property owner rather than the Johnstown Redevelopment Authority,” Komar said.

The side yard program can beautify Johnstown, as well. Homeowners can build additions, create a garden or other greenspace.

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