Resources from: Housing Opportunity, 2nd Annual Forum for Landlords

At this forum, landlords who are already working with housing assistance programs networked with different agencies. Landlords who have never worked with a housing assistance program before had the chance to ask questions and learn extensively about these programs in a low pressure environment.

Resources from Forum:

Landlord Forum Program
Powerpoint– Exploring the Experiences of Individuals Living in a Housing Crisis through Photovoice
PA Housing Search Flyer
Dropbox link to Community Resources


Convened by the Southwestern Pennsylvania Housing Alliance, the Rental Housing Work Group is a coalition of organizations and individuals committed to expanding affordable quality rental options for individuals and families who face barriers to housing. Using collaboration, coordination, education and risk management, we bring nonprofits together with rental housing owners and managers to advance the goal of a home within reach of every southwestern Pennsylvanian.

The Rental Housing Work Group was formed under the Southwestern Pennsylvania Housing Alliance Network, which is a broad‐ based venue for persons interested in the community development, affordable housing and homeless arenas to come together, discuss trends, share resources, and develop strategies to meeting the housing needs of our community


  • Andy Kosmach, Manager Nehemiah Homes LLC

    Thank you for offering this information on line. The Landlord Forum supplied more information than could be absorbed in a single evening. The networking portion will assist in keeping my units filled. This will result in providing a wonderful community service for those individuals who will benefit from stable housing. Everyone wins with this association.

  • Patricia Kline

    As someone new to the Real Estate Investment industry, I found this forum quite eye-opening as well as informative. Hoping to provide housing for the less-fortunate, I am now able to move forward with my goal. Thank you!

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