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The Housing Alliance's Resource Library is offered as a public service. Search or browse the library for the latest and best research, analysis, how-to manuals, slide presentations, websites and other resources dealing with affordable housing and community development. You can search by Keyword or Filter the listing by a particular issue. You can also sort the list of publications by Title, Publication Date or Author by clicking at the top of the appropriate column.
Landlord Tool-Kit for Responding to COVID-19 Impacted TenantsApril 30th, 2020Landlord Tool-Kit for Responding to COVID-19 Impacted TenantsHomelessness, Landlord-Engagement,
Building Blocks of Landlord Tenant Mediation - A Toolkit for Developing a Local ProgramSeptember 17th, 2020Building Blocks of Landlord Tenant Mediation - A Toolkit for Developing a Local ProgramHomelessness, Landlord-Engagement,
Webinar: CDC Eviction Moratorium GuidanceSeptember 17th, 2020Gale Schwartz- Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania, Rasheedah Phillips- Community Legal Services, Daniel Vitek- Community Justice Project, Matthew Rich- MidPenn Legal ServicesCOVID19
Webinar: Clean Slate LawSeptember 16th, 2020Gale Schwartz- Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania, Jamie Gullen- Community Legal Services, Jessa Boehner- Community Legal ServicesHomelessness
Webinar: Creating a State Housing Tax Credit in PA (SB30) – Strategy Discussion and UpdateSeptember 3rd, 2020Phyllis Chamberlain- Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania, Dan Farrell- Allentown Housing Authority, Andy Haines- PA Developers Council, Lois Hagarty- State Street Advisors, Andrea Mannino- Housing Alliance of PennsylvaniaCOVID19
Webinar: Landlord Tenant Mediation Toolkit and Grant RFP ReleaseAugust 18th, 2020Phyllis Chamberlain- Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania, Gale Schwartz- Housing Alliance of PennsylvaniaCOVID19
WEBINAR: PROVIDING SERVICES TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE VICTIMS DURING COVID-19July 29th, 2020Maria Williams- Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Joy Cason- Domestic Abuse Project of Delaware County, Julia Avalos- Domestic Abuse Project of Delaware County, Canice Lighthall- Blackburn Center, Carla Adams- Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh, Gale Schwartz- Housing Alliance of PennsylvaniaCOVID19
Webinar: PHFA Shares Implementation Details for New State COVID Relief Mortgage and Rental Assistance Grant ProgramJuly 1st, 2020Phyllis Chamberlain- Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania, Bryce Martetzi- PHFA, Justin Eby- Lancaster County Redevelopment Authority, Joshua Walker- Pocono Mountains United Way, Tim Whelan- Cumberland County Housing and Redevelopment AuthoritiesCOVID19
Webinar: Come Back Strong: Civic EngagementJune 11th, 2020 Phyllis Chamberlain, Gale Schwartz, Kate Kelly - Housing Alliance of PennsylvaniaCOVID19
Webinar: Advocating for Additional Federal Relief and Stimulus in JuneJune 3rd, 2020 Levana Laydendecker, Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania, Phyllis Chamberlain-Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania, Sarah Saadian, National Low Income Housing Coalition, Dave Gasson, Housing Advisory GroupCOVID19
Webinar: COVID-19: Statewide Advocacy for Rental Assistance to Stabilize Low Income Households and the Rental Housing MarketMay 14th, 2020 Phyllis Chamberlain-Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania, Leah Sailhamer, Pennsylvania Apartment Association, Andrea Mannino, Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania Gale Schwartz, Housing Alliance of PennsylvaniaCOVID19
Webinar: COVID-19: Immediate and Longer Term Strategies to Mitigate the Impact on Tenants and LandlordsMay 6th, 2020 Phyllis Chamberlain-Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania, Carolyn Brown, Office of Community Empowerment & Opportunity, City of Philadelphia, Jane Downing, The Pittsburgh Foundation, Lex Harris, Tenants Union Representation Network, Sue Wasserkrug, Esq., Good Shepherd Mediation Program, Gale Schwartz, Housing Alliance of PennsylvaniaCOVID19
Webinar: COVID-19: THE IMPACT ON RESIDENTIAL RENTAL BUSINESSES LARGE AND SMALLApril 23rd, 2020 Phyllis Chamberlain-Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania, Gale Schwartz- Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania, Bethany Friel- Trek Development, Deborah Gable- HDC MidAtlantic, Devon Goetz- Auberle, Darren Sudman- Simon’s Heart & Kyle Webster- ACTION HOUSING, INC.COVID19
Webinar: ACCESSING PA’S SHARE OF FEDERAL STIMULUS FUNDS FOR AFFORDABLE HOUSING, HOMELESS ASSISTANCE, AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENTApril 16th, 2020 Phyllis Chamberlain-Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania, Kathy Possinger- PA Department of Community & Economic Development, Ed Gramlich- National Low Income Housing Coalition, Jack Groacke- Office of US Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), Mike Wallace- National League of Cities, Jerry Jones- National Alliance to End HomelessnessCOVID19
Webinar: CRIMINAL HISTORY AND TENANT SELECTION 101April 8th, 2020 Gale Schwartz- Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania; Laura Schwartz, Esq- Regional Housing Legal Services, Carolyn Steinhofer- Housing Equality Center of Pennsylvania, Sara Pratt, Esq- Relman ColfaxAction
Webinar: Rights and Registration: Critical Updates on PA Voting LawsApril 1st, 2020 Gale Schwartz- Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania; Aerion Abney and Al-Sharif Nassef, All Voting is LocalAction
Webinar: Improving Housing for Criminal Justice PopulationsFebruary 5th, 2020 Gale Schwartz- Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania; Luis Resto, Director, PBPP Bureau of Reentry Coordination, PADOC; Chloe Bohm, Executive Policy Specialist and Grants Manager, PADOCHomelessness
Webinar: Submitting Public Comment on CRAJanuary 22nd, 2020 Gale Schwartz- Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania, Emily Cadik, Executive DirectorAction
Homes Within Reach Volunteer OrientationNovember 12th, 2019 Stacey Sottung- Housing Alliance of PennsylvaniaHomes Within Reach
Homes Within Reach 1st time Attendee Zoom meetingNovember 6th, 2019 Stacey Sottung- Housing Alliance of PennsylvaniaHomes Within Reach
Homes Within Reach Moderator WebinarOctober 2nd, 2019 Stacey Sottung & Gale Schwartz- Housing Alliance of PennsylvaniaAction
Webinar: TURNING DATA INTO ACTION: UNLEASH THE TRANSFORMATIVE POWER OF NUMBERSSeptember 18th, 2019 Cindy Bergvall- Bee, Bergvall & Co, CPA'sAction
Webinar: Capitol Hill Day Policies and PrioritiesJuly 18th, 2019 Gale Schwartz & Anne Francois, Housing Alliance of PennsylvaniaAction
Webinar: Accommodations in Housing: Protections, Practices, and SolutionsJuly 17th, 2019 Megan Bolin, Program Manager, Self-Determination Housing Project of PennsylvaniaHomelessness
LEGISLATIVE BRIEFING: APRIL 30, 2019April 30th, 2019 Senator Haywood speaks about his new bill to lift the funding cap on PHARE. Includes other updates on state and federal legislation.Federal Housing BudgetAffordable Rental, State Housing Budget
Webinar: Advancing Racial Equity in the Fight to End HomelessnessApril 24th, 2019 Joe N. Savage, Jr., Regional Coordinator, United States Interagency Council on HomelessnessHomelessness;
Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program: Overview and How to ApplyApril 10th, 2019 Chantel Hardaway, PHR, Chief of Outreach and Education, Customer Experience Center, PA Department of Revenue
Donald Bianchi, CPA Director of the Customer Experience Center, Department of Revenue
Homeownership, Affordable Rental
PGW and PECO Utility Rebates and Grants for Multifamily PropertiesMarch 27th, 2019 Steven Jerue, Manager of Energy Efficiency & Emerging Customer Programs, Philadelphia Gas Works
Priya Cortes, Analyst, Energy Efficiency & Emerging Customer Programs, Philadelphia Gas Works
Trish Cole, Program Manager, Appliance Recycling and Low Income Programs, PECO
Energy Efficiency
SOAR (SSI/SSDI: Outreach, Access, and Recovery): Another Piece to the Puzzle for Ending HomelessnessMarch 20th, 2019Karen Ulp, Human Services Program Specialist, Bureau of Policy, Planning and Program Development, PA Department of Human Services, Office of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services
Michelle Baxter, Human Services Program Specialist, PA Department of Human Services, Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
Innovative Housing Practices for Healthly Aging in PlaceMarch 13th, 2019Brian McShane, Senior Program Manager, Corporation for Supportive Housing

Julie Seby, Chief of the Division of Housing and Community Services, Pennsylvania Department of Aging

Larisa Yusko, SHARE Housing Counselor

Julie Fenton, Director of Business Development, Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging
Health & Housing
How to Present at the Homes Within Reach Conference March 8th, 2019The Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania

Women in Housing and Finance
Blight & Land Banks
Ten Years of Conservatorship: Success, Challenges and Next StepsFebruary 27th, 2019Winnie Branton, Esquire, Branton Strategies LLC
Michael P. McIlhinney, Esquire, Orphanides & Toner
Alicia Miller Karner, Director, Community and Economic Development, City of Bethlehem
Sabreena Woods-Miller, Author, The Abandoned and Blighted Property Conservatorship Act, 10 Years of Productive Reuse
Blight & Land Banks
Many Pathways Conducting a Comprehensive Gaps Analysis and System MapFebruary 6th, 2019Stephanie Barnett Jamison, MSW, CPS, Project Director and Organizational Learning & Development Manage, Mental Health Partnerships

Jennifer Wolff, MSW, Policy Specialist, Mental Health Partnerships

Carla Sofronski, CPS, CRS, Advocacy Manager, Mental Health Partnerships
Capitalizing on the Affordable Housing Program for Home Ownership and Small Rental DevelopmentsJanuary 30th, 2019Matthew Keen – Project Manager, Diamond & Associates
Dave Buches – Community Investment Manager, FHLBank of Pittsburgh
Innovation, Health, and Housing – Oh My!January 16th, 2019Dan Lavallee, Director of Government and Business Relations, Government Programs, at UPMC Health Plan
Jeremy Carter, Chief Housing Officer, Community Human Services
Homelessness; Health & Housing
New Blight Tool Under Act 33: Designating a Redevelopment Authority to Act as a Land BankDecember 14th, 2018Winnie Branton, Esquire, Branton Strategies LLC; Mayor Matt Pacifico, City of Altoona; Andrew French, Executive Director, Fayette County Redevelopment AuthorityBlight & Land Banks
Community Solar: Can it Benefit Low and Moderate Income PennsylvaniansNovember 30th, 2018Liz Robinson, Executive Director, Philadelphia Solar Energy Association and founder of the Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA)
Ron Celentano, President, PA Solar Energy Industries Association
Energy Efficiency
UGI Utilities Energy Efficiency ProgramsNovember 16th, 2018Joe Nunley, Senior Analyst - EE&C, UGI Utilities, Inc. Energy Efficiency
Working with Statewide Youth Advisory Boards to Engage Youth in Program PlanningOctober 5th, 2018Gale Schwartz, Program Manager, Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania
Marvin Butts, Youth Quality Improvement Specialist University of Pittsburgh, School of Social Work
Meghan O’Hare, Program Development Specialist, University of Pittsburgh, School of Social Work
Angeliqué S. Israel, Youth and Family Engagement Coordinator, Coatesville Youth Initiative
Andrew Palomo, Research, Evaluation, & Innovation, Valley Youth House
Shyn Ortiz - Peer Navigator - Project Silk - Lehigh Valley
Eviction & Homeless Prevention as a Critical Component of Community Preservation & Housing Equity for Low Income RentersSeptember 28, 2018Daniel Farrell, SVP Homeless Prevention, Diversion and Research
Renee Fueller, Executive Director HELP USA’s Homebase I Program
Tina Goodrich, Program Director HELP USA’s New Beginning Program
Taking Control of Your Pest Control, Exclude the Pests, Protect the People, Preserve the BudgetSeptember 21, 2018Jayne Windham, HHS, CEO, Livable Housing, Inc.Health & Housing
Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania’s Policy Committee Meeting on BlightSeptember 18, 2018Housing Alliance of PennsylvaniaBlight & Land Banks
Six Years Later: The State of Pennsylvania Land BanksSeptember 14, 2018John Kromer, Senior Consultant, University of Pennsylvania
George Connor, Executive Director, Dauphin County Redevelopment Authority and Dauphin Count Land Bank
Irene Clark, Pittsburgh Land Bank
Blight & Land Banks
Telling Our Stories: How To Gather Helpful Stories That Can Be Used In Advocacy August 22nd, 2018Halley Henry, Communications and Fundraising Manager, National Housing Trust
Patrick Keenan, Director, Consumer Protections & Policy, Pennsylvania Health Access Network (PHAN)
Homelessness, Federal Housing Budget, Policies and Programs
Improving Outcomes for Young Children Experiencing Homelessness - Connecting Homeless Housing Providers to High Quality Early Learning ProgramsAugust 17th, 2018Joe Willard, Vice President, Policy, People's Emergency Center; Tracy Duarte, Director, Pennsylvania Head Start Collaborative and Co- Chair of the PA Homeless Children's Stakeholders; Andrea Sheesley, Regional Homeless Coordinator, ARIN IU 28; Sarah Vrabic, Early Childhood Education Specialist, Building Early Links for Learning of PhiladelphiaHomelessness
Ending Hunger at Home: Housing and a Last Mile Approach to Addressing Food InsecurityAugust 10th, 2018Jennifer England, Senior Program Director, 412 Food RescueHealth & Housing
Community Land Trusts in PA: From Vision to ImplementationJune 22nd, 2018 Peter Brewton, Board Member, Oakland Planning and Development Corporation
Nora Lichtash, Executive Director, Women’s Community Revitalization Project
Ed Nusser, Real Estate and Planning Manager, Lawrenceville Corporation
Colleen Ritter, Executive Director, State College Community Land Trust
Utility Basics for Housing AdvocatesJune 15th, 2018 Elizabeth R. Marx, Supervising Attorney, Pennsylvania Utility Law Project
Joline Price, Staff Attorney, Energy Unit of Community Legal Services Philadelphia
Matthew S. Rich, Supervising Attorney, MidPenn Legal Services
Energy Efficiency
Balancing the Sound Rationale for Smoke-Free Housing with Tenant ConcernsJune 8th, 2018 Diana T. Myers, Senior Vice President, Diana T. Myers and Associates, Inc. and
Chris Gulotta, Principal, The Gulotta Group, LLC
Health & Housing
Integrating Health and Wellness in Supportive Services ProgramsMay 25th, 2018 Erin Hart, Director, Health Benefits Services, American HealthCare Group, LLCHealth & Housing
Housing as Health Campaign Update: From PA's History of Medicaid to Current State and Campaign Activity May 18th, 2018 Patrick Keenan, Director, Consumer Protections & Policy, PA Health Access NetworkHealth & Housing
Home Matters Day Policy Priorities 2018 WebinarMay 11th, 2018 Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania State Housing Budget, Policies, and Programs
Is This Property a Good Candidate for Conservatorship?April 27th, 2018 John Kromer, Senior Consultant, University of Pennsylvania and Brad Copeland, Mt. Airy USA Blight & Land Banks
2020 Census: Learn About What’s at Stake for PennsylvaniaApril 13th, 2018 Pennsylvania Voice and Keystone CountsFederal Housing Budget, Policies and Programs
CMS Update: New Medicare Care Campaign April 6th, 2018 Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services Homelessness
Webinar: Tips for Advocates with Clients Who Have Rent to Own Transactions March 30th, 2018 Community Legal Services of Philadelphia Homeownership
Assistive Technology & the Internet of Things: How to Create a Smart Home for Individuals with Disabilities and SeniorsMarch 23rd, 2018 Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation (PATF), KirbSun Ideas, LLCHealth and Housing
Developing a Landlord NetworkMarch 9th, 2018 Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania, Allegheny County Department of Human Services, Duquesne University Homelessness, Landlord-Engagement,
Bi- Monthly Land Bank Call: Friday, February 16th, 2018 February 16th, 2018 Berks County Tax Claim Bureau, Housing Alliance of PennsylvaniaBlight & Land Banks
Webinar: Jumpstart Germantown: Encouraging Local Entrepreneurs to Rehab Deteriorated Residential Properties WebinarJanuary 26, 2018 Philly Retail Office, LISCHomeownership, Blight & Land Banks
Webinar: Contribute to the State Hazard Mitigation Plan UpdateJanuary 19, 2018 Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, Michael Baker InternationalHomeownership
Report: Commercial PACEJanuary 5, 2018NRDC, EEFAEnergy Efficiency, Affordable Rental,
Webinar Recording: UGI's New Energy Efficiency ProgramsDecember 15, 2017UGIEnergy Efficiency,
Webinar Recording: Housing First Assessment ToolNovember 10, 2017Housing Innovations, LLCFederal Housing Budget, Homelessness,
Land Bank Public HearingNovember 15, 2017Housing Alliance of PA, Capitol RecapState Housing Budget , Blight & Land Banks,
Webinar Recording: Fair Housing TrendsNovember 3, 2017Housing Equality Center of PAAffordable Rental, Federal Housing Budget,
HUD Section 811 Rental AssistanceOctober 13, 2017DHS and PHFAAffordable Rental, Homelessness, State Housing Budget
Report on Child Poverty RatesOctober 5, 2017CBPPFederal Housing Budget, Poverty Non Housing Issues,
Webinar Recording: Criteria and Benchmarks for Ending Family and Youth HomelessnessOctober 6, 2017US ICHFederal Housing Budget,Homelessness,
Affordable Housing and Energy Assistance Fact SheetsOctober 2, 2017EEFA, NRDC, PULP, Elevate Energy, National Housing TrustAffordable Rental, Homeownership, Energy Efficiency,Health and Housing, Federal Housing Budget,
Webinar Recording: PHARE Application 101September 29, 2017PHFAAffordable Rental, Homeownership,Homelessness, Energy Efficiency,State Housing Budget , Health and Housing, Rural HousingInclusive Communities, Blight & Land Banks, Providing Stability for Manufactured Housing Residents,
2017 Fair Housing Trends ReportFall 2017National Fair Housing AllianceAffordable Rental,
2017 Preservation ProfilesSeptember 27, 2017NLIHC, PAHRC, HAI GroupFederal Housing Budget; Affordable Rental,
Webinar Recording on Residential PACESeptember 15, 2017PULP, CLS, NCLCEnergy Efficiency, Federal Housing Budget
Report: How Housing Dynamics Shape Neighborhood PerspectivesSeptember 12, 2017Matthew DesmondAffordable Rental, Poverty Non-Housing Issues, Inclusive Communities,
PEW Report: 10 Policies to Prevent and Respond to Child Lead ExposureAugust 31, 2017PEW Charitable TrustsHealth and Housing, Federal Housing Budget
New Report Available on How to Bridge Health and Housing SystemsAugust 2017Kresge FoundationHealth and Housing,
Coordinated Entry Community Samples ToolkitAugust 9, 2017HUD ExchangeHomelessness, Federal Housing Budget
Publication: State Strategies to Increase Energy and Water Efficiency in Low-Income Housing Tax Credit PropertiesSummer 2017Dana Bartolomei, National Housing TrustEnergy Efficiency
New Report Published on State Planning Board's Recommendations on Infrastructure, Community Revitalization, and Efficient GovernmentJuly 2017State Planning BoardBlight & Land Banks,
Info on COC New Joint Transitional Housing and Rapid Re-Housing ComponentJuly 13, 2017Office of Special Needs Assistance ProgramsHomelessness, Federal Housing Budget
Webianar Recording: The Dangers of Rent to OwnJuly 14, 2017Community Legal ServicesAffordable Rental, Homeownership,
Publication: Coordinated Entry Core Elements GuidebookSummer 2017HUDHomelessness, Federal Housing Budget,
Turning Information into Insight: Lackawanna and Luzerne Blight ReportJuly 2017The Institute for Public Policy & Economic Development at Wilkes University Blight & Land Banks,
June Land Bank CallJune 22, 2017Housing Alliance of PABlight & Land Banks,State Housing Budget
Home Mortgage ExplorerSummer 2017Federal Reserve Bank of PhiladelphiaHomeownership,
Webinar Recording: PA ABLEJune 9, 2017PA Assistive Technology Foundation, PA TreasuryAffordable Rental, Blight & Land Banks, Homeownership, State Housing Budget , Poverty Non-Housing Issues
NAP Webinar RecordingJune 2, 2017RHLS, PCRGAffordable Rental, Blight & Land Banks, Homeownership, Homelessness, State Housing Budget , Poverty Non-Housing Issues
Webinar Recording: LIFE ProgramMay 25, 2017DHSHomeownership,Affordable Rental,State Housing Budget , Health and Housing,
Home Matters Day Webinar RecordingMay 23, 2017Housing Alliance of PAAffordable Rental, Homelessness, Homeownership, Blight & Land Banks, State Housing Budget ,
Webinar Recording: Shared HousingMay 19, 2017Home of the Sparrow, Diana T. Myers & AssociatesAffordable Rental, Homelessness, Homeownership,
Webinar Recording: New Market Tax CreditsMay 13, 2017CSHFederal Housing BudgetAffordable Rental,
May Legislative BriefingMay 10, 2017Housing Alliance of PAFederal Housing BudgetAffordable Rental, State Housing Budget
Webinar: Code EnforcementMay 8, 2017University of PA, Turtle Creek Valley COGBlight & Land Banks
Webinar Recording: Diversion and Coordinated Entry4/28/2017Capacity for Change, Valley Youth House, Your Way HomeHomelessness, Federal Housing Budget
Webinar Recording: Act 129 Programs- PPL and UGI4/21/2017UGI, PPLEnergy Efficiency
April 20 Land Bank Call4/20/2017Housing Alliance of PA, Pittsburgh Land BankBlight & Land Banks
State Budget Chart as of April 6, 20174/20/2017Housing Alliance of PAHomelessness, Blight & Land Banks, State Housing Budget , Manufactured Housing Residents, Affordable Rental Poverty Non-Housing Issues, Homeownership, Health and Housing, Energy Efficiency, Rural Housing,
NAP MapSpring 2017PCRG, NapMap.netState Housing Budget , Affordable RentalHomeownership, Poverty Non-Housing Issues
ASAP Strategy Brief: Messaging on Program Alignment4/19/2017ASAPFederal Housing Budget, Poverty Non-Housing Issues
Employment Opportunities in HUD Funding and LIHTC Communities4/13/2017RHLS, PHFAFederal Housing BudgetAffordable Rental, State Housing Budget
April Legislative Briefing4/12/2017Housing Alliance of PAFederal Housing Budget,State Housing Budget
Online Tool Estimates Local Impacts of HUD Budget Cuts4/11/2017Affordable Housing OnlineFederal Housing Budget,
Webinar Recording: Conservatorship4/7/2017East Liberty Development, Inc.; Stepanian & Menchyk, LLPBlight & Land Banks
Federal Rental Assistance Fact Sheets4/7/2017CPBBFederal Housing BudgetAffordable Rental,
Report Released on Best Practices in Education for Homeless YouthMarch 2017BELL, Public Health Management CorpHomelessness
Webinar Recording: Medicaid and Supportive Housing ServicesMarch 31, 2017DHS; PHANState Housing Budget , Homelessness, Health and Housing
2016 County Population Estimates PAMarch 2017Pennsylvania State Data Center Poverty Non-Housing Issues
Webinar Recording: Land Banks 1013/24/2017Housing Alliance of PABlight & Land Banks
Comprehensive Analysis of Affordable Housing Credit Improvement Act3/20/2017A.C.T.I.O.NFederal Housing BudgetAffordable Rental
Webinar Recording: Loans and Grants for Homelessness, Special Needs, and Home Repair Programs3/17/2017FHLBank of PittsburghAffordable RentalHomelessness,Homeownership
Webinar Recording: Housing First3/10/2017Housing Innovations LLCAffordable RentalHomelessness,
March Legislative Update3/8/2017Housing Alliance of PAFederal Housing BudgetAffordable Rental, State Housing Budget
New Report: A Place to Call HomeMarch 6, 2017NLILHC, CHCDFFederal Housing BudgetAffordable RentalHomelessness, Rural Housing , Homeownership
Report: Meeting the Challenges of the Growing Affordable Housing CrisisMarch 2017Office of US Senator Maria CantwellFederal Housing BudgetAffordable Rental,
PA Housing Budget from 2008-20173/9/2017Housing Alliance of PAAffordable RentalHomelessness, State Housing Budget , HomeownershipRural Housing
Webinar Recording: Innovative Approaches to Combating Opioid Abuse3/4/2017RHD, Department of Human Services, Pathways to HousingHomelessness, Poverty Non-Housing Issues, State Housing Budget , Health and Housing,
NLIHC Gap Report 20173/2/2017NLIHCAffordable Rental, Federal Housing Budget
Webinar Recording: Resources Available for Multi-Family Housing Energy Efficiency with Duquesne Light2/28/2017Duquesne LightEnergy Efficiency, State Housing Budget
Webinar Recording: Homeownership- Making the American Dream Possible2/24/2017PHFAHomeownership
Resource site on rapid rehousingPublished February 2017National Alliance to End HomelessnessHomelessness
Pennsylvania's aging population: 2011 to 2015Published February 2017The Pennsylvania State Data Center (PaSDC) Poverty Non-Housing Issues
Federal Legislative Fact Sheets2/17/2017Housing Alliance of PAFederal Housing BudgetAffordable RentalHomelessness,
Briefing and Action Plan for Federal Visits2/16/2017Housing Alliance of PAFederal Housing BudgetAffordable RentalHomelessness, Homeownership, Health and Housing, Rural Housing,
February Legislative Briefing Recording2/8/2017Housing Alliance of PAFederal Housing BudgetState Housing Budget
You Don't Have to Live Here Report2/3/2017Enterprise Community Partners, Inc; FrameWorks InstituteAffordable RentalHomelessness, Blight & Land Banks, Energy Efficiency, Homeownership, Energy Efficiency, Inclusive Communities,
CHS Publications on supportive housing, the elderly, justice involved folks, and healthcare in supportive housing rural communitiesPosted 2/3/2017CSHAffordable RentalHomelessness, Federal Housing BudgetHealth and Housing, Rural Housing,
Report Release: Creating Win-Win Partnerships with LandlordsFeb 2, 2017Southwest Housing Alliance of PAAffordable Rental,Landlord Engagement,
Webinar Recording: Affordable Rental Housing in PA1/27/2017Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia; Housing Alliance of PAAffordable RentalFederal Housing BudgetState Housing Budget
Loan Modification Working Paper1/27/2017Federal Reserve Bank of PhiladelphiaHomeownership,
2016 Foreclosure Prevention GuideJanuary 2017UACHomeownership,
Webinar Recording: Foreclosure Prevention1/26/2017Housing Alliance of PA, CLS, ClarifiHomeownership,
January Legislative Update1/11/2017Housing Alliance of PAFederal Housing BudgetState Housing Budget
Philadelphia Fed's Rental Housing Affordability Data Tool12/16/2016Federal Reserve of Philadelphia, Affordable Rental,
Webinar Recording: Head Start and Services for Families and Children Experiencing Homelessness12/16/2016PEC, PA Head Start State Collaborative, Housing Alliance of PAHomelessness, Federal Housing Budget, State Housing Budget
Webinar Recording: FirstEnergy Programs12/15/2016FirstEnergy, Housing Alliance of PAEnergy Efficiency,
Report: Show Me Healthy Housing12/14//2016The Urban InstituteAffordable RentalHomelessness, Health and Housing
Homes Within Reach Presentations11/30/2016VariousBlight & Land Banks, Homelessness, Affordable Rental, Federal Housing Budget, Health and Housing, Energy Efficiency, Homeownership, Inclusive Communities, Landlord Engagement, Rural Housing, State Housing Budget
WEBINAR RECORDING: USING PHARE FUNDS TO PREVENT AND END HOMELESNESS11/11/2016PHFAAffordable Rental, State Housing Budget , Homelessness, Homeownership, Rural Housing, Providing Stability for Manufactured Housing Residents, Jobs & Opportunities,
Powerpoints from Utility Act 129 MeetingsFall 2016Duquesne Light Company, First Energy, PECO, PPLState Housing Budget , Energy Efficiency ,
RESOURCES FROM: HOUSING OPPORTUNITY, 2ND ANNUAL FORUM FOR LANDLORDS10/26/2016Southwestern PA Housing AllianceAffordable Rental, Landlord Engagement,
Recording: Legislative Briefing10/11/2016Housing Alliance of PAAffordable Rental, Blight & Land Banks, Federal Housing BudgetState Housing Budget
Housing as Healthcare: A Road Map for States10/3/2016National Governors AssociationHealth and Housing
White House Housing Development ToolkitSeptember 2016White HouseFederal Housing BudgetHomeownership,
WEBINAR RECORDING- ENERGY EFFICIENCY FOR AFFORDABLE MULTIFAMILY HOUSING9/30/2016Housing Alliance of PA; PULPAffordable Rental, Energy Efficiency, State Housing Budget
WEBINAR RECORDING: LAND BANK CALL 9/229/22/2016Housing Alliance of PABlight & Land Banks
WEBINAR RECORDING: FLOOD INSURANCE HELP FOR HOMEOWNERS AND RENTERS9/16/2016Housing Alliance of PAFederal Housing Budget, Homeownership, Rural Housing,
WEBINAR RECORDING: LEGISLATIVE BRIEFING SEPTEMBER 14, 20169/14/2016Housing Alliance of PAFederal Housing BudgetState Housing Budget
PHARE Information- Updated September 2016 9/9/2016Housing Alliance of PA- Cindy DaleyAffordable Rental, Homelessness, Manufactured Housing Residents, State Housing Budget , Homeownership
Disabled Renters' Rights8/25/2016Sara Bell, Educator LabsAffordable Rental, Federal Housing Budget,
WEBINAR RECORDING: RENTING TO REFUGEES8/24/2016Rental Housing Work GroupAffordable Rental, Landlord Engagement
Resources for Financing and Operating Affordable Housing for Extremely Low Income Households
8/15/2016NLIHCAffordable Rental, Federal Housing Budget, Homelessness
Rents of Least Expensive Apartments Rising Faster than General Market8/8/20016NLIHCAffordable Rental
Webinar Recording: Landlords Needed to End Veteran Homelessness!07/28/2016Rental Housing WorkgroupHomelessness, Landlord Engagement
Medicaid Crosswalk07/28/2016Corporation for Supportive HousingHealth and Housing, Homelessness, State Housing Budget
Endorsement of the HR 550 Recommendations on Permanently Reducing and Eliminating Homelessness07/27/2016Housing Alliance of PAHomelessness
Webinar Recording: Medicaid, Supportive Housing Services and the Crosswalk07/26/2016Health and Housing, Homelessness
Webinar Recording: Win - Win: Property Managers Meet Homelessness - BEST of HWR 201507/22/2016Housing Alliance of PAHomelessness
Webinar Recording: DHS Housing Strategy07/15/2016DHSHealth and Housing, Homelessness, Homeownership, State Housing Budget
Recording: July Legislative Briefing07/13/2016Housing Alliance of PABlight & Land Banks, Federal Housing Budget, State Housing Budget
PANO Survey: Increased Taxes07/13/2016PANOState Housing Budget
FACT SHEET: Launching the Data-Driven Justice Initiative: Disrupting the Cycle of Incarceration07/13/2016The White HousePoverty Non-Housing
Report: Adolescent Well-Being after Experiencing Homelessness07/13/2016DHSHomelessness
Webinar Materials: Renting to Tenants with a Criminal History07/06/2016Rental Housing WorkgroupAffordable Rental, HomelessnessLandlord Engagement
Task Force and Advisory Committee Release Report on Ending Homelessness06/21/2016HAPPNHomelessness
Home Hub: One Stop Info Shop for Housing Professionals06/19/2016Housing Alliance of PennsylvaniaHomeownership,
Report: Reconnecting Health and Housing: Philanthropy's New Opportunity.'06/18/2016The Kresge FoundationHealth and Housing
Webinar Recording: June Legislative Briefing06/08/2016Housing Alliance of PennsylvaniaFederal Housing BudgetState Housing Budget
Report: Uncovering Coverage Gaps: A Review of Addiction Benefits in ACA Plans06/07/2016The National Center on Addiction and Substance AbuseHealth and Housing
Materials from Pittsburgh Housing Trust Fund Event06/06/2016Housing Alliance of PennsylvaniaHomeownershipHomelessness
Affordable RentalEnergy Efficiency
NLIHC's Report on Supported Housing and its Effectiveness06/02/2016NLIHCHealth and Housing
Affordable Housing Task Force Findings and Recommendations to Mayor William Peduto and the Pittsburgh City Council06/01/2016Affordable Housing Task ForceBlight & Land BanksHomeownershipHomelessness
Affordable RentalState Housing Budget Landlord Engagement
Lifting the High Energy Burden in Pennsylvania: How Energy Efficiency Can Improve Affordable Multifamily Housing06/01/2016EEFAEnergy Efficiency
Report: Supportive Housing Helps Vulnerable People Live and Thrive in the Community
05/31/2016Center for Budget and Policy PrioritiesAffordable RentalHealth and Housing
State Housing Plan: Supporting Pennsylvanians Through Housing05/27/2016DHSHomeownershipHomelessness
Affordable RentalState Housing Budget Rural Housing Health and Housing
Report: What Makes Inclusionary Zoning Happen?05/26/2016National Housing Conference (NHC)HomeownershipHomelessness
Affordable Rental
Webinar Recording: Housing Resource for the Homeless and those with Special Needs05/20/2016Federal Home Loan Bank PittsburghHomeownershipHomelessness
Affordable Rental
New analysis: With right implementation, IZ can produce affordable housing05/17/2016National Housing Conference (NHC)HomeownershipHomelessness
Affordable Rental
Recording of Legislative Briefing 5/17/201605/17/2016Housing Alliance of PennsylvaniaHomelessnessFederal Housing BudgetState Housing Budget
Webinar Recording: Act 129- Energy Efficiency and Housing05/13/2016Energy Efficiency
Land Bank Summit Materials 05/12/2016Blight & Land Banks
Webinar Recording: Landlords can change lives by doing business as usual!05/09/2016HomelessnessLandlord Engagement
2016 PATF Report and Infographic05/07/2016Health and Housing
PEC joins youth advocates at Philadelphia City Hall05/03/2016Homelessness
Report: STRATEGIES TO ADDRESS UNSAFE AND UNHEALTHY HOUSING IN PHILADELPHIA05/03/2016Temple University Beasley School of LawBlight & Land Banks
Webinar Recording: Housing First
Empowering People to Tell their Stories: Train the Trainer Guide04/26/2016Housing Alliance of PennsylvaniaHomelessnessAffordable RentalFederal Housing BudgetState Housing Budget
Memo: Senate Transportation-HUD bill for FY 201704/25/2016Center on Budget and Policy PrioritiesFederal Housing Budget,
Webinar Recording: April 2016 Legislative Briefing04/20/2016Housing Alliance of PennsylvaniaFederal Housing Budget, State Housing Budget
Webinar Recording: PA Landbank Resource Guide04/15/2016Housing Alliance of PennsylvaniaBlight & Land Banks
Webinar Recording: 5 Step Fast Track Blight Plan04/13/2016Blight & Land Banks
New Report: Housing as a Health Care Investment: Affordable Housing Supports Children’s Health04/11/2016National Housing Conference, Children's Health WatchHomeownershipHomelessness
Affordable RentalState Housing Budget
Report: America's Rental Housing04/10/2016Joint Center for Housing Studies, Harvard UniversityAffordable RentalLandlord Engagement
Powerpoint Slides: Introduction to Hoarding Webinar 3/1803/21/2016HomeownershipAffordable Rental
Webinar Recording: De-escalation Techniques for Landlords03/21/2016Landlord Engagement
Lancaster Pollard's Housing Survey03/14/2016Lancaster PolllardAffordable Rental
Webinar: Using Data to Help Build Inclusive Communities03/11/2016Affordable Rental
Recording: March Legislative Briefing03/10/2016Federal Housing BudgetState Housing Budget
Powerpoint: The State of Housing in Pittsburgh03/09/2016HomeownershipHomelessness
Affordable RentalState Housing Budget
Materials from Making Rental Homes Accessible or Visitable Event03/07/2016Landlord Engagement
Report: The Role of Anchor Institutions in Restoring Neighborhoods: Health Institutions as a Catalyst for Affordable Housing and Community Development 03/07/2016NHCHomeownershipAffordable Rental
Report: Housing Impact Fees: A New Strategy to Keep Communities Strong03/07/2016Philadelphia Coalition for Affordable CommunitiesHomeownershipHomelessness
Affordable Rental
Webinar Recording: Learn about the National Development Council Housing Finance Certification02/26/2016Homeownership
Webinar Recording: Voter Registration Webinar02/22/2016 Poverty Non-Housing Issues
Recording of Legislative Briefing 2/10/1602/22/2016Federal Housing BudgetState Housing Budget
January Legislative Briefing02/22/2016Federal Housing Budget, State Housing Budget
Supportive Housing Needs Assessment for Pennsylvania02/18/2016Housing Alliance of PennsylvaniaAffordable RentalState Housing Budget
PEC 2016 Education of Homeless Children and Youth Report
02/01/2016People's Emergency CenterHomelessness
Webinar Recording: Crash Course on Medicaid, Managed Care, How it Works
01/29/2016State Housing Budget
Webinar Recording: The Basics of Landlord-Tenant Law01/28/2016Landlord Engagement
HUD releases The Fair Housing Planning Process under the AFFH Rule webcast01/19/2016HUDFederal Housing Budget,
Webinar: NDC’s Economic Development Finance Certification Training Program01/12/2016 Poverty Non-Housing Issues
Webinar Recording: Helping Those Facing Hard Times12/22/2015Landlord Engagement
Clean Power Plan Comments- Housing Alliance of PA 12/21/2015Energy EfficiencyFederal Housing Budget
HUD issues final definition of homelessness12/14/2015HUDHomelessness
Report reveals promising practices in ending veteran homelessness12/14/2015Urban InstituteHomelessness
Recording of Legislative Briefing 12/9/201512/11/2015Federal Housing Budget, State Housing Budget
Recording of Legislative Briefing 11/6/1512/11/2015Federal Housing BudgetState Housing Budget
Memorandum: Explanation of the State Housing Trust Fund12/10/2015State Housing Budget
HWR 2015 Workshop Powerpoints11/24/2015
Recording of Clean Power Plan Webinar- 10/30/1511/02/2015Energy EfficiencyFederal Housing Budget
Webinar- Home HUB10/16/2015
Webinar: Affordable Housing's Place in Healthcare10/16/2015Federal Housing Budget
Recording of Legislative Briefing 10/1610/16/2015Federal Housing BudgetState Housing Budget
Opportunities for retrofitting multi-family housing to meet energy efficiency10/05/2015National Housing TrustHomeownershipAffordable RentalFederal Housing Budget
Mortgage lending continues under Dodd-Frank 09/28/2015Center for Responsible LendingHomeownership
New resources highlight inclusionary housing policies09/28/2015EnterpriseAffordable Rental
PAHRA Fact Sheets- 201509/25/2015Affordable RentalFederal Housing Budget
Webinar: Information about NDC's Economic Development Finance Professional Certification Series09/18/2015Blight & Land Banks
Qualified Assistance Plan Webinar Recording09/17/2015State Housing Budget
PHFA Draft QAP Released for Public Comment09/14/2015PHFAState Housing Budget
KEYS Vocational Education Exception Policy09/14/2015State Housing Budget
Housing Data Fact Sheets by County 201508/04/2015HomeownershipHomelessness
Affordable Rental
Partnerships for Open Doors Final Report08/03/2015
Community Profiles Series from the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia07/31/2015
Resources on the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule07/24/2015Federal Housing Budget
DCED Goals and Priorities Under the Wolf Administration07/17/2015State Housing Budget
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The State of the Nation's Housing 2015 Report Released07/08/2015Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard UniversityHomeownershipAffordable Rental
National Housing Preservation Database06/25/2015National Housing Preservation DatabaseAffordable Rental
Learning from Success: Building Inclusive Communities in the Real World06/24/2015Homelessness
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Historic Tax Credits: Bringing New Life to Older Communities06/01/2015Blight & Land BanksHomeownershipHomelessness
Real People, Real ResultsMay 2015Housing Alliance of PennsylvaniaAffordable RentalHomelessness, Homeownership, State Housing Budget , Inclusive Communities ,
HOME Investment Partnerships Program & The Housing Trust Fund04/29/2015
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FY16 Budget Request for HUD and USDA Housing Programs03/16/2015HomeownershipHomelessness
Report on Need for Affordable Housing03/10/2015The Mortgage Bankers AssociationHomeownershipAffordable Rental
2015 State of Housing: PA by the numbers03/02/2015National Low Income Housing CoalitionHomeownershipHomelessness
Top Ten Facts About Pennsylvania’s Land Banks01/14/2015
Rebuilding Homeownership Initiative 2014 01/05/2015Homeownership
Fact sheet on the Housing Trust Fund 12/04/2014
Tax Credit Time Machine/ LIHTC Report11/24/2014CohnReznick LLPAffordable RentalFederal Housing Budget
Community Development Data Dashboard from the Philadelphia Federal Reserve10/21/2014
Report from the Philadelphia Home By Now program details benefits of employed-assisted housing10/14/2014Philadelphia Home By NowHomeownership
Housing Data Fact Sheets by County- 201408/19/2014HomeownershipHomelessnessAffordable Rental
HUD Section 811 PRA in PA07/09/2014HomeownershipHomelessness
Information on NDC Housing Development Financing Certificate Program06/13/2014
Report: I’ll never get used to it: Young People Living on the Street06/09/2014Kathy McCauleyHomelessness
6,000 Homeless Infants Need Our Support05/20/2014Homelessness
Proposal to expand the Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP): Fact Sheet05/02/2014
Understanding Rapid Re-housing04/29/2014Homelessness
Neighborhood Assistance Program Tax Credit Proposal04/14/2014
Interactive map on housing affordability 03/10/2014The Urban InstituteAffordable Rental
Crisis Communications and Media Basics02/13/2014Liz Hersh and Kirk Dorn
Conservatorship Act Checklist02/11/2014
Affordable housing finder01/27/2014Affordable Rental
Human Services Block Grant Report01/17/2014
Westmoreland County Land Bank Ordinance01/16/2014Blight & Land Banks
Financial impact of blight on the tri-cog communities01/16/2014Blight & Land Banks
FY14 HUD and USDA Budget Chart01/15/2014Federal Housing Budget
Potential pathways for tax delinquent properties01/13/2014Blight & Land Banks
NPLS Fair Housing Video01/03/2014
LIHTC Grand Opening Guide01/03/2014
2014 PHARE plan: Draft out for comment12/16/2013
LIGHTSTREET - FINAL ORDER - 04-26-13- SPECIAL WARRANTY DEED11/06/2013Blight & Land Banks
Lancaster County Housing Market Analysis and Needs Study10/28/2013State Housing Budget Affordable RentalBlight & Land Banks
Monroe County Regional Housing Forum10/22/2013
Homelessness Summit, Bloomsburg University10/22/2013
Tri-COG Blight Impact Report Documents10/01/2013Blight & Land Banks
Land Bank Training: Erie, PA07/23/2013John Kromer
Top Ten Things You Should Know About Pennsylvania’s Land Bank Legislation07/13/2013
The State Of The Nation’s Housing 201307/13/2013Harvard University Joint Center for Housing StudiesAffordable RentalHomeownership
The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia’s Community Outlook Survey07/08/2013Blight & Land BanksAffordable RentalHomelessnessHomeownership Poverty Non-Housing Issues
Land Bank Training: Reading, PA06/28/2013
2013 PA Municipal Legal Update Brochure06/24/2013
2013 HUD Programs06/06/2013HUDFederal Housing Budget
Home ownership in tough times05/13/2013PA Dept. of Banking and SecuritiesHomeownership
Veterans Permanent Supportive Housing: Policy and Practice 
Stay informed on the FY14 federal budget04/15/2013Federal Housing Budget
Conservatorship Handbooks04/06/2013Housing Alliance of PennsylvaniaBlight & Land Banks
LISTEN IN - Webinar: Hidden Homeless - Babies, Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers 04/05/2013Homelessness
Action guide for reducing energy waste in America's affordable multifamily housing04/01/2013Federal Housing BudgetAffordable RentalHomeownership
Press on Impact of Sequestration and Out of Reach March 201303/22/2013Federal Housing BudgetAffordable Rental
Syracuse/Onondaga County Land Bank – Overview03/22/2013
Land Banking 101: Pennsylvania Land Bank Act03/21/2013State Housing Budget
An updated guide by the NLIHC to affordable housing profiles by state and Congressional District03/21/2013State Housing Budget Affordable Rental
HWR Conference Summary/Evaluation Report 201203/12/2013
Summary of PA Land Banks Legislation03/06/2013Housing Alliance of PennsylvaniaBlight & Land BanksState Housing Budget
The Untapped Potential of Land Bank/Land Trust Partnerships
02/22/2013Blight & Land BanksAffordable Rental
Comparing outcomes of homeless programs in Pennsylvania02/21/2013State Housing Budget
Create Jobs Through Housing Incentives02/21/2013State Housing Budget
Possible funding cuts to Pennsylvania homeless programs via ‘sequestration’02/21/2013Federal Housing Budget
Sequestration Alert02/01/2013Federal Housing Budget
National and State Housing Data Fact Sheets01/02/2013Federal Housing BudgetAffordable Rental
A Look Back at 201212/18/2012Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania
Updated Quick Guide NOW Including Land Banks, December 201212/12/2012Blight & Land BanksState Housing Budget
United Way of PA - State Budget Survey12/04/2012United Way of PennsylvaniaState Housing Budget
Summary of PA Land Bank Legislation
11/17/2012Housing Alliance of PennsylvaniaState Housing Budget
Poverty Continues to Rise in the Keystone State10/02/2012 Poverty Non-Housing Issues
Securing the American Dream and The Future of Housing Policy09/21/2012Mitt Romney CampaignFederal Housing Budget
Advocacy Capacity Tool08/06/2012Bolder Advocacy
Renters' Tax Credit Would Promote Equity and Advance Balanced Housing Policy06/30/2012Center on Budget and Policy ProiritesFederal Housing BudgetState Housing Budget Affordable Rental
Estimated Annual Cost of Child Homelessness in Pennsylvania: $363 Million06/14/2012People's Emergency CenterHomelessness
General Assistance Fact Sheet04/30/2012
A New Vision for Housing Market Recovery: What the Data Says About What Works04/19/2012Blight & Land BanksFederal Housing BudgetState Housing Budget Affordable Rental
Homelessness, Homeownership Poverty Non-Housing IssuesManufactured Housing ResidentsRural Housing
A New Vision for Housing Market Recovery: What the Data Says About What Works (Allegheny County Version)03/28/2012Housing Alliance of PennsylvaniaState Housing Budget Affordable RentalBlight & Land BanksHomelessnessHomeownership Poverty Non-Housing IssuesManufactured Housing ResidentsRural Housing
Voices of Poverty02/27/2012
Research Brief: What if Pennsylvania had not had HEMAP?02/16/2012The Reinvestment Fund
Housing Landscape 201201/31/2012Center for Housing PolicyAffordable Rental
Housing Spotlight: The Shrinking Supply of Affordable Housing01/31/2012National Low Income Housing CoalitionAffordable Rental
The U.S. Housing Market: Current Conditions and Policy Considerations01/19/2012The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve SystemFederal Housing Budget
The State of Homelessness in America 201201/18/2012National Alliance to End HomelessnessHomelessness
Homeless Providers: Need Help Shifting Gears?01/12/2012National Alliance to End HomelessnessHomelessness
Rethinking Housing Market Recovery01/04/2012Federal ReserveFederal Housing Budget
More Than a Roof: Case Studies of Public Housing Agency Initiatives to Increase Residents' Economic Security 12/31/2011Center for Housing PolicyAffordable Rental
Vacant Properties: Growing Number Increases Communities’ Costs and Challenges12/09/2011Government Accountability Office
Large Majority of Housing Voucher Recipients Work, are Elderly, or Have Disabilities 
12/02/2011Center on Budget and Policy PrioritiesFederal Housing Budget
New Resource Center on Supportive Housing
11/28/2011Technical Assistance Collaborative (TAC)HomelessnessAffordable Rental
Sustainable Community Essentials Rapid Assessment for SWPA11/04/2011Sustainable PittsburghBlight & Land Banks
Marcellus Natural Gas Development's Effect on Housing in Pennsylvania11/03/2011Center for the Study of Community and the Economy at Lycoming CollegeState Housing Budget
The Impact on Housing in Appalachian Pennsylvania as a Result of Marcellus Shale10/31/2011The Institute for Public Policy and Economic Development
Crisis Indicator: Triage Tool for Identifying Homeless Adults in Crisis07/31/2011Economic RoundtableHomelessness
Reinvesting in Pittsburgh's Neighborhoods: The Case for Transit-Oriented Development07/07/2011Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment GroupBlight & Land Banks
Behind Closed Doors: The Hidden Health Impacts of Being Behind on Rent07/05/2011Children's HealthWatch Poverty Non-Housing Issues
Federal Reserve “Map Your Community” Widget06/23/2011Federal Reserve of Philadelphia and PolicyMapBlight & Land Banks
Philadelphia Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Program: Initial Report of Findings06/20/2011The Reinvestment Fund of the Philadelphia Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion ProgramHomeownership
State of the Nation's Housing 201006/17/2011Harvard University Joint Center for Housing StudiesAffordable Rental
PaSDC: Pennsylvania State Data Center06/16/2011Pennsylvania State Data CenterAffordable RentalBlight & Land Banks
Case File: Conservatorship in Butler County06/13/2011Blight & Land Banks
Using Conservatorship to Reclaim Properties: Case Studies06/10/2011Housing Alliance of PA, featuring Andrew Menchyk, Jr., Esq. and Richard L. Vanderslice, Esq.Blight & Land Banks
Regional Housing Legal Services - Conservatorship Implementation and Best Practices Manual06/09/2011Regional Housing Legal ServicesBlight & Land Banks
Report on Pennsylvania’s Point in Time Counts in Homeless Populations Shows Decrease06/09/2011People's Emergency CenterHomelessness
Center for Community Progress: "Land Banks and Land Banking"06/07/2011Frank Alexander, Co-Founder and General Counsel, Center for Community ProgressBlight & Land Banks
High-Quality Affordable Housing Impacts Children's Education05/19/2011Center for Housing Policy Senior Research Associate Maya Brennan Poverty Non-Housing Issues
High-Quality Affordable Housing Impacts Health05/19/2011Center for Housing Policy Senior Research Associate Rebecca Cohen Poverty Non-Housing Issues
Out of Reach 201105/04/2011National Low Income Housing CoalitionAffordable Rental
Quick Guide: New Tools to Address Blight and Abandonment03/29/2011Housing Alliance of PennsylvaniaBlight & Land Banks
"Evidence Matters" - HUD Publication on Strategies to Revitalize Neighborhoods of Concentrated Poverty03/01/2011Department of Housing and Urban Development
Section 8 Spreadsheet: Project-Based Units by Congressional District02/24/2011National Low Income Housing Coalition, the National Housing Trust and the Center for Budget and Policy PrioritiesFederal Housing Budget
Telling Community Action's Story: A Guidebook02/16/2011National Association for State Community Services ProgramsFederal Housing Budget
Map Your Community Interface01/18/2011Federal Reserve Bank of PhiladelphiaAffordable RentalBlight & Land Banks
A Quality Home is the Foundation Children Need12/17/2010Housing Alliance of PA Poverty Non-Housing Issues
HEMAP - EHLP Comparison Guide12/01/2010Donald Marritz and Rachel Blake, Staff Attorneys, Regional Housing Legal ServicesFederal Housing BudgetState Housing Budget Homeownership
New Partnership for Sustainable Communities Report11/30/2010Office of Sustainable CommunitiesBlight & Land Banks
The Effects of Marcellus Shale Drilling on Housing in the Northern Tier11/05/2010Mullin & Lonergan AssociatesAffordable RentalRural Housing Homelessness
Gubernatorial White Paper 201008/05/2010Housing Alliance of PennsylvaniaState Housing Budget
Poverty Data by Legislative District06/18/2010Kathy Fisher, Public Citizens for Children and Youth Poverty Non-Housing Issues
Costs to the Commonwealth of PA's Shortage of Affordable Homes06/18/2010Housing Alliance of PAAffordable Rental Poverty Non-Housing Issues
The HEARTH Act - Changes to HUD’s Homeless Assistance Programs05/25/2010Norm Suchar, National Alliance to End HomelessnessHomelessness
Commonwealth Court Rules on Germantown Conservancy's Act 135 Petition05/04/2010Blight & Land Banks
Housing Policy Update - FHLB 2010 Spring Policy Forum04/14/2010Liz Hersh, Housing Alliance of PennsylvaniaFederal Housing BudgetState Housing Budget
Affordability and Availability of Rental Housing in Pennsylvania03/12/2010Federal Reserve Bank of PhiladelphiaAffordable RentalHomeownership
Urban Affairs Hearing on Land Banks03/11/2010PA General AssemblyBlight & Land Banks
Housing Alliance Testimony on HB 1201 - Amendment to Mobile Home Park Rights Act12/02/2009Housing Alliance of PA - Cindy DaleyManufactured Housing Residents
Report: Housing Spotlight: A Long Wait for a Home10/12/2016NLIHCFederal Housing BudgetAffordable RentalHomelessness,