Report from the Philadelphia Home By Now program details benefits of employed-assisted housing

A New Model for Employer Assisted Housing 

For over a century, employer-assisted housing (EAH) programs have been offered by employers to
help their employees acquire homes. In Philadelphia, there is a new type of EAH, called Philadelphia
Home•Buy•Now (PHBN), spearheaded by the Urban Affairs Coalition (UAC) and the City of
Philadelphia’s Commerce Department.

Started 10 years ago, PHBN is unique in that through a partnership, the City of Philadelphia and UAC
offers a matching grant program as a service for employers interested in creating an EAH program, in
addition to providing administration, access to other housing related services and structure for these
programs. Employees participate in the program by applying for grants or forgivable loans from the
employer and matching grants from the City of Philadelphia.

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Philadelphia Home Buy Now
A New Model for Employer Assisted Housing