Recording of Clean Power Plan Webinar- 10/30/15

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency recently issued new clean air standards on August 3, 2015, requiring each state to reduce their CO2 emissions by 2030. Pennsylvania must reduce our CO2 emissions by 33.  Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is tasked with developing an environmental strategy called the Clean Power Plan to be submitted in September of 2016.  Right now DEP is asking for input on what should go into the Clean Power Plan. DEP is accepting comments through November 12, 2015.

Residential emissions account for 25% of all CO2 emissions.  Retrofitting affordable homes to increase energy efficiency can ensure a bright and healthy future for vulnerable children and families while saving owners money. Your CPP comments as developers, providers and advocates could not only protect but improve the quality of life for all Pennsylvania communities.   MAKE SURE AFFORDABLE HOUSING ENERGY EFFICIENCY IS INCLUDED IN THIS PLAN.

Find out more about the Clean Power Plan and how to submit your comments to shape Pennsylvania’s housing and environmental future!

Presenter: Cindy Daley. Policy Director, Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania

For the next two and a half weeks we have the opportunity to tell the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) how the state can reduce emissions by making Pennsylvania homes– rental and homeowner– more energy efficient.