Recording: Legislative Briefing

Recorded: Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hear the monthly Legislative Briefing to get the latest housing news from Harrisburg and Washington.

Federal – To no one’s surprise, we have a continuing resolution to keep the federal government operating. We will explore what that means for housing and community development programs.

State – The General Assembly returns on October 17 for 6 legislative days before the election. Find out what’s on their calendars.

  • Landlord-Tenant – HB 1715 would speed up the eviction process. Would this lead to more homelessness?
  • Neighborhood Assistance Program – HB 2213 and SB 243 would make more tax credits available for this very successful public-private partnership program.
  • Blight bills 
    • HB 773 allows long term residents to obtain clear title to their properties which, in turn, stabilizes neighborhoods.
    • HB 1437 creates a system of temporary use and occupancy certificates to enable new buyers to make repairs to their homes, but prohibits municipalities from doing code enforcement on those properties until 12 months have passed.
    • SB 486 enables counties to establish demolition funds by assessing a $15 fee on the recording of deeds and mortgages.
    • SB 482 allows counties to establish a demolition and rehabilitation fund with assessments on properties sold under the tax sale laws.
    • HB 1500 encourages land banks to use properties for housing for people experiencing homelessness. It also exempts land banks transactions from the Realty Transfer Tax.

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