Publication: Coordinated Entry Core Elements Guidebook


Published: 2017

HUD Coordinated-Entry-Core-Elements

About This Guidebook:

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requires that
Continuums of Care (CoCs) establish and operate a coordinated entry process. Most
recently, HUD’s Notice Establishing Additional Requirements for a Continuum of
Care Centralized or Coordinated Assessment System (CPD-17-01) established new
requirements for coordinated entry that CoCs and projects funded by either the CoC
Program or the Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Program must meet. Ideally, any local
organization providing housing and services to households experiencing homelessness,
regardless of funding source(s) supporting that organization, will participate.

Designing and implementing a coordinated entry process that complies with the
requirements established in this Notice can seem like an overwhelming challenge to a
CoC. Many choices need to be considered. Some new approaches will require changes to
the CoC’s governance and potentially can include significant changes to projects serving
people experiencing a housing crisis. HUD acknowledges these challenges and supports
CoCs in the transition to a housing crisis response system that ends current homelessness
for all households and ensures that future homelessness is rare, brief, and non-recurring.

Purpose of This Guidebook

This Guidebook and related coordinated entry tools and materials are designed to help CoCs:
● Understand the core components of coordinated entry by outlining what
HUD requires
● Plan and implement a coordinated entry process appropriate to their needs,
resources, and the vision of the CoC’s membership
● Consider implementing additional elements beyond basic requirements

Coordinated entry’s core concepts make practical sense to persons experiencing a housing
crisis. Those concepts also promote more efficient and effective systems of care. HUD
recommends that CoCs review this Guidebook as they begin planning for coordinated
entry, look to improve the local system they have begun building, or as a check that
their existing coordinated entry process complies with updated HUD requirements.


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