Powerpoints from Utility Act 129 Meetings

The Housing Alliance of PA held 4 meetings in the Fall with utility companies and our stakeholders. The meetings were held so people could learn more about what resources are available for developers and property owners to use.  Developers/Property owners were also able to give and get feedback on utility companies’ Act 129 energy efficiency programs.

Act 129, which became effective in November 2008, requires electric utility companies to cost-effectively reduce electricity consumption and peak demand on their systems. One way to do this is through energy efficiency measures, so the utilities developed programs for residential and commercial customers to increase energy efficiency in their properties. The electric utility companies have just launched new programs that will provide more than $30 million in incentives for energy efficiency in affordable multifamily housing over the next five years.

Below are the power points for the four utility companies:

Duquesne Light Company

PPL Electric Utilities


First Energy


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