Pennsylvania senators seek consensus on work requirements for Medicaid

From: The Center Square

Pennsylvania lawmakers, government officials and advocates on both sides of the aisle came together in Harrisburg on Wednesday in hopes of finding middle ground on an issue that’s being discussed in statehouses across the country.

The Senate Majority Policy Committee, along with members of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, held an informal hearing to discuss whether the state should implement a work requirement for Medicaid recipients.

While participants said they found common ground in that they want to help those on public assistance get off those programs, the disagreement came on whether mandatory work initiatives are the way to go.

Work requirement initiatives focus on the able-bodied Medicaid recipients, and under Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services guidelines, direct eligible beneficiaries to find work, job training or volunteer in order to continue receiving benefits.

Indiana and New Hampshire have implemented work requirement programs, while a federal judge has blocked Kentucky from starting one and Arkansas from continuing its program. However, that has not kept other states from seeking CMS approval for their initiatives.

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