PA shared housing program begins in Wayne

By DAVID HULSE, River Reporter

Published: Wed, 11/08/2017

HONESDALE, PA — Wayne County has joined with Pike and Monroe counties to offer a program to assist both senior homeowners and lower-income singles seeking affordable housing.

On November 2, Monroe-Pike-Wayne link coordinator Julianne Doyle introduced Ryan Lohman and Larisa Yusko as the coordinators of the Shared Housing and Resource Exchange (SHARE) program. SHARE is described as an affordable housing choice. It aims to brings homeowners who want to stay in their homes, may want some company and are willing share their homes, together with home seekers who are looking for housing in exchange for rent, help around the house or a combination of both.

Lohman, who works in Monroe, and Yusco, who is responsible for Pike and Wayne, collect candidate homeowners and renters, vet both, identify likely matches and make initial introductions.

If the chemistry right, they coordinate a written home-sharing agreement, provide trial living periods, provide support for the duration of the contract, and introduce both to other community services.

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