Long Road Between Survival, Stability for Suburban Homeless

From: U.S. News & World Report

The homeless in Bucks County are barely visible to most, tucked in wooded lots behind shopping centers and housing developments, sheltered in cars or huddled under canopies of restaurants and businesses throughout the region.

“Homelessness in Bucks County is not always as visible as the homelessness that you will see in larger cities like Philadelphia or New York City,” said Jeffrey Fields, director of housing services in Bucks County. “A large amount of homeless persons are living in their cars, in the woods, in abandoned buildings, or staying in motels paid for by charitable organizations.”

The total number of homeless is tough to measure, but area housing and human service officials get a snapshot of the crisis through an annual point-in-time count, conducted once a year on a winter night. In Bucks County, volunteers located 359 homeless people the night of Jan. 29. Some were living in emergency shelters, transitional housing or outdoors. Though the figure marks a 9.6-percent dip from 2018, crisis calls for help soared by 19 percent in the past year.  Read the full article here.

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