Lackawanna County Land Bank Sells its 50th Property

On Friday, the Lackawanna County Land Bank sold its 50th property in Scranton.

The building in the 1100-block of Capouse Avenue is sandwiched between a number of businesses.

It has been boarded up for quite a while but thanks to the land bank program which has only been selling properties for about 11 months, the property has a new owner.

Last September, Andrew Planey and Meegan Possemato moved their vintage shop “On & On” to Capouse Avenue in Scranton.

They immediately looked across the street and saw a blighted home.

It is the only residential building on the block but instead of blight they saw potential.

“It looked like a great property but it was in disrepair and we always had it in our mind that we’d like to have it,” Andrew Planey, co-owner of On & On said.

With squatters living the back, the property had too much red tape in terms of back taxes and liens for Planey and Possemato to buy it at first.

When they realized the property was part of Lackawanna County’s new land bank program they jumped at it.

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