Job Opening: Executive Director, National NeighborWorks Association, Washington DC

Posted: October 10, 2017

NNA is seeking a strategic Executive Director with superior relationship-building skills to further NNA’s work with a diverse network of NeighborWorks organizations, NeighborWorks America, and key national policymakers to support and promote the community development field.

Organizational Overview

The National NeighborWorks® Association (NNA)’s mission is to “unite housing and community development practitioners to advocate for housing and economic opportunities for individuals, families, communities and neighborhoods across the country.” NNA envisions a united field of the best housing and community development practitioners producing safe, quality affordable housing and economic opportunities for all Americans.

NNA is a 501c6 organization with a dues-paying membership of approximately 200 non-profit “NeighborWorks-chartered” organizations, or 80 percent of the total NeighborWorks network. NNA is governed by a 19-person board of directors comprised of NeighborWorks Executive Directors/Chief Executive Officers that broadly represents the network both geographically and programmatically. FY 2017’s operating budget is $315,000 and staffing includes a part-time Policy Analyst in addition to the Executive Director. The Executive Director will also oversee the NNA Fund, NNA’s 501c3 related organization with a separate board of directors and financial statements that are presented with NNA as a combined entity.

NNA’s work is guided by two member-led committees:
• The External Policy Committee links members’ expertise in housing and community development to national housing policy makers in order to have impact on national housing policy and funding.
• The Internal Policy Committee informs and shapes NeighborWorks America’s (NWA) policies and resource allocation to the benefit of the membership.
The NNA membership is also very active on other issues broadly impacting its work, with working committees and task forces created to tackle other topics related to the community development field.

The NNA board also serves as Advisory Council to NWA. The Council meets in person, four times per year. The purpose of the National NeighborWorks® Advisory Council is to assist NWA to achieve its strategic goals by providing input on overall programmatic direction and priorities as well as on matters that govern the relationship and policies between NWA and the NeighborWorks network.

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