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Help us Provide an Affordable Home for Everyone in Pennsylvania

The affordability gap between the cost of a home and what people actually make is present in every community in the state, from the most rural to the most urban, and in every state around this country. High costs force many Pennsylvania workers to over-burden themselves, paying more than they can truly afford just to give their family a place to live.
In 2011, fair market rent of a two-bedroom apartment in Pennsylvania is $837. To afford this rate, one needs to earn $16.09 per hour – but the average renter in Pennsylvania only makes $12.49. The minimum wage is only $7.25 per hour, requiring someone to work more than two full-time, minimum wage jobs just to afford a place to live.



    • Home Matters Day Webinar Recording

      Recorded on May 23, 2017 We want to see our legislators support: Increasing the Neighborhood Assistance Program to create more programs for housing counseling, affordable homes, blight, job training, childcare, and food security Full funding for Keystone Communities program to fight blight and make available accessible housing opportunities Full funding for the Homeless Assistance Program and Human Services Development Fund …more

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      By: Donna Kimura, Affordable Housing Finance News Published: May 15, 2017 Phoenix has the largest disparity between needy households and low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) units, according to a new report from MPF Research, the intelligence arm of RealPage. The city has just 6.08 housing credit units per 100 low-income households, ranking it the lowest …more

    • Webinar Recording: Shared Housing – A Non-Traditional Housing Option

      Recorded: May 19, 2017 Shared Housing is a non-traditional housing option that not only benefits seniors, individuals with disabilities, and people experiencing homelessness but also maintains community stability. Match-up and group share residence models will be described, including how service exchanges enable seniors to age in place. Traditional and innovative funding sources will be discussed …more

    • Allegheny County fund would encourage more landlords to rent to subsidized tenants

      By: Kate Giammarise, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Published: May 13, 2017 A special fund aims to encourage more local landlords to participate in the Housing Choice Voucher Program, commonly referred to as Section 8. Allegheny County will start a fund to incentivize more landlords to participate in the program. Using a $50,000 grant from the Pennsylvania Housing Finance …more

    • Webinar Recording: New Market Tax Credits

      Recorded: May 13, 2017 The New Markets Tax Credit Program (NMTC Program) aims to break the cycle of disinvestment in low-income communities by attracting the private investment to help support struggling local economies. The NMTC Program provides equity capital to projects by permitting investors to receive a tax credit through the sale of New Markets …more

    • May Legislative Briefing

      Recorded on May 10, 2017 Federal:  Congress unveiled an omnibus spending bill on May 1 to finalize fiscal year 2017 funding for HUD and other federal programs, which have been operating under temporary Continuing Resolutions since October 1.   The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities published an initial analysis of the bill’s main provisions and expected …more

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      By: Jean Friedman-Rudovsky, Next City Published: May 1, 2017 For a year after he was released from prison, Earl Brown slept on his aunt’s living room couch. He made sure to be up early every morning, so that by the time the other five members of the West Philadelphia household had risen, his blankets were …more