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Many different issues affect the supply of affordable homes in Pennsylvania and contribute to the imbalance in the housing market.

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Blight & Land Banks

Hundreds of thousands of blighted or abandoned buildings are spread across Pennsylvania, impeding community and economic development programs and conveying images of old, worn out communities. At the Housing Alliance, we see these properties in our communities not as the eyesores they are today, but as untapped assets that provide land for redevelopment.
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Homeowners are the proud backbone of Pennsylvania’s communities, but now more than ever homeowners need help to avoid foreclosure. Pennsylvania has been fortunate to have the Homeowners Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program (HEMAP) for homeowners facing foreclosure, but HEMAP needs more resources to help the increasing number of homeowners in trouble - and is facing elimination due to budget cuts.
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Homelessness is a real problem in communities across the Commonwealth — a problem that increasingly involves not only individuals but entire families. On any given day, 16,200 Pennsylvanians are known to be homeless. During one school year, school districts around the state provide services to approximately 13,000 homeless children.
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Affordable Rental

The affordability gap between the cost of a home and what people actually make is present in every community in the state, from the most rural to the most urban, and in every state around this country. High costs force many Pennsylvania workers to over-burden themselves, paying more than they can truly afford just to give their family a place to live.
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Federal Housing Budget, Policies and Programs

Federal funds and programs play an important role in the housing market, providing essential capital, subsidies and incentives that enable providers and developers to offer more affordable homes -- helping the market supply better meet the demand. Many of the local and state programs upon which our communities rely are funded in large part by federal dollars.
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State Housing Budget, Policies and Programs

State investment in the housing market has a double bottom line: it provides homes and economic growth. Many good state-funded housing programs help provide stable homes and communities for our most vulnerable citizens. They also help grow the economy by producing jobs and tax revenue and by creating demand for products manufactured right here in the Keystone State.
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Poverty Non-Housing Issues

Living in poverty, or avoiding it, poses a range of challenges aside from just housing: health, employment, safety, education, and much more. While these aspects of life often parallel an individual or family’s housing situation, they are also an important piece of their experience and their well-being.
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Providing Stability for Manufactured Housing Residents

Manufactured housing is a high-quality, affordable choice for many homeowners and as such can play an important role in a community's continuum of affordable housing options. Half a million Pennsylvanians live in manufactured homes, mostly in manufactured housing communities.
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Rural Housing

Rural areas face many of the same challenges as cities and suburbs - blight, foreclosure, homelessness, a lack of available affordable housing - with even fewer resources to address these critical issues. The growth of the Marcellus Shale industry in Pennsylvania has left many rural communities with an even greater deficit of available housing for even their existing residents, let alone the influx of new workers.
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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency can lower electricity bills that Pennsylvania citizens pay, as well as reduce carbon emissions. Many folks in PA, however, have limited ability to make energy efficiency improvement on their own. The good news is, there are programs available to help. Learn more about ways to improve access to energy efficiency methods to lower costs and at the same time help the environment.
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Landlord Engagement

Expanding and strengthening relationships with developers, owners, and managers of private market housing is key to expanding affordable housing. This page shares resources for nonprofits, rental housing owners and managers to advance the goal of a home within reach of every southwestern Pennsylvanian.
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Health and Housing

Poor quality housing and housing instability are hidden drivers of poor health and high healthcare costs. Conversely, quality homes can reduce the presence of chronic diseases in children and adults and lead to healthier communities. More and more studies are supporting these observations, and health care professionals are taking notice. With mandates and incentives in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and new rules for Medicaid funding, health providers are looking to partner with housing and homeless providers to improve the lives of the families and individuals they work with.
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