In Southcentral PA, Low-Income Residents are At Risk As Personal Care Homes Rapidly Close

If Xavier Hunter’s personal care home shuts down, about 30 people might find themselves with no place to live. That nightmare, he says, might be just one day away.

It could be because his hot water boiler finally kicks. Maybe a new resident brings in bedbugs requiring costly fumigation. Or perhaps simply not enough of his tenants can make their rent that month to cover the bills.

Hunter’s business, Harmony Personal Care Home on Frederick Street in Hanover, houses about 30 low-income residents, many of whom have mental health issues and no savings. If he closes tomorrow, he has no idea where they’ll go.

That’s because personal care homes, the oft-overlooked tier of care that comes between living alone and entering a nursing home facility, are swiftly disappearing in southcentral Pennsylvania, especially for low-income residents.

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