Report Released: Gentrification Response: A Survey of Strategies to Maintain Neighborhood Economic Diversity

By: NYU Furman Center

Published: October 2016

Executive Summary

“In high-cost cities across the U.S., local governments are struggling with how to protect low-income households and the economic diversity of neighborhoods in the face of soaring housing costs. Where demand for housing outstrips supply, construction of more market-rate housing must be a part of the solution; but such construction is necessary but not necessarily sufficient to protect lower income households from displacement or the economic diversity of neighborhoods. In this report, we survey strategies that have been used both to create more affordable housing and assist low-income households at risk of displacement because of rising rents. It is important to note that we have not studied the effectiveness of these policies in practice. We also recognize that the effectiveness of a policy intervention will vary based on local conditions, which we also do not address. However, we hope that this overview of possible approaches is a helpful starting point for policymakers and practitioners interested in addressing these goals as part of a local housing strategy.”

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