Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania Praises Decision by PA Supreme Court to Halt All Non-essential Functions Including Eviction

March 19, 2020

As of March 18, 2020, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court announced that all non-essential functions would be halted at least until April 3, 2020. As a result no eviction, ejectment, or other displacement from a residence based on failure to make payment can be made. The Housing Alliance praises the court for this action. As we face this global pandemic, it has never been more clear that housing is health care. For the health and safety of all Pennsylvania residents, we recommend making all accommodations to keep people as safely and securely housed as possible. For more details on the PA Supreme Court decision, click here.


Pennsylvania’s lower income households are the most vulnerable to harm as this disease progresses. The spread of Coronavirus has highlighted the need for support systems to help prevent eviction for low-income people—and the need for a stronger safety net over all. The Housing Alliance will be working to advocate for solutions in the short and long term to address the need for support to keep all Pennsylvanians healthy and housed.