Homes Within Reach Workshop Powerpoints

Published: December 14, 2017

Thanks to all who attended our 13th annual Homes Within Reach Conference! We had over 830 attendees and over 165 sponsors, which makes it the most successful conference yet.

This year’s theme was “Shining Our Light on Housing Solutions”, where we envisioned a future together, working in partnership for a home within reach. We were able to offer over 50 workshops in the areas of development rehab and management, health and housing, redoubling efforts to address homelessness, tackling blight and land banks, creating opportunity and building capacity.  We are happy to share the powerpoint slides from workshops at the conference which can be found below.

Keynote Presentations

Development Rehab and Management

Health and Housing

Redoubling Efforts to Address Homelessness

Tackling Blight and Land Banks

Creating Opportunity and Building Capacity

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