Homes Within Reach 2023- Frontline Leader Award

Frontline Leader Awards (This year we have two winners!)

The Housing Alliance is excited to announce our Frontline Leader Award winners.  Our Frontline Leader Award Selection Committee decided to honor two winners for 2023. The Frontline Leader is an individual(s) who delivers direct assistance to people in need and approaches the work in an inspiring and uplifting way seeking to put the needs of clients, consumers, and/or tenants front and center. Below are our winners.

Tiffany Holland-McAnany, Supervising Attorney at Community Legal Services (CLS) of Philadelphia (Nominated for the Frontline Leader Award by Rachel Garland.) 

Many of CLS’s clients find themselves at the intersection of multiple systems of injustice— poverty, racism, housing insecurity, domestic violence, and more. To make matters worse, when people try to stand up for their rights, they are often silenced or ignored by people in positions of power.  Attorney Holland-McAnany takes CLS’ clients seriously and treats them with dignity and respect.  As tenants facing eviction gear up for the fight of their lives, they can count on her to come prepared, passionate, and pragmatic. 

Because she recognizes the importance of keeping tenants in their homes, Attorney Holland-McAnany is motivated to represent as many clients as possible. She has built a wealth of knowledge and expertise that allows her to resolve cases quickly. Even when Attorney Holland-McAnany is at capacity, she enthusiastically raises her hand to take more cases to prevent someone’s life from falling apart due to eviction. Attorney Holland-McAnany  goes above and beyond to make sure her clients have a fair chance in court, and together, they win in 90% of cases. Attorney Holland-McAnany is on the frontlines of housing insecurity in Philadelphia– zealously demanding justice for her clients and fighting to ensure that people have the opportunity to recover from crises that put their homes in jeopardy.  As one of CLS’ colleagues recently stated, “Attorney Holland-McAnany is making the world better than she found it, and she deserves all the awards.”

Joseph Quinn, MAT Care Manager at Pathways to Housing PA (Nominated for the Frontline Leader Award by Andrew Spiers.)

Joe is known throughout Pathways to Housing PA, as well as the wider homeless services community in Philadelphia, as being incredibly dedicated, compassionate, and skilled within his role. He is able to build rapport and connect with some of their most challenging and vulnerable participants. As an advocate of harm reduction and person-centered care, Andrew Spiers believes “Joe meets people where they are, both literally and figuratively, in order to best meet their needs. He is patient, tenacious, and kind.”

Joe’s tenure with Pathways to Housing PA began in 2017 as a Certified Peer Specialist (CPS). He worked with the agency’s initial non-fidelity Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) team focused specifically on individuals with a primary diagnosis of Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). As the first organization to utilize a scattered-site Housing First model for the OUD population, Joe made significant contributions to Pathways’ development of best practices for serving this specific population. This success led to the subsequent development of two more OUD-focused teams in 2020 and 2021. While in this role, Joe conducted street outreach, home visits, and supported participants with accessing vital community support services and resources. In 2021, Joe joined the Center of Excellence at Pathways to Housing PA as a Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) Care Manager, where he currently assists participants agency-wide with accessing MAT and MOUD services.

And, if you see them out in the community, thank for them for their hard work!