Groups Across the State Count Homeless Populations for Annual Point in Time Count

A group worried for Schuylkill’s homeless is again gathering information about them. The Local Housing Options Team, whose members are from county service agencies and nonprofits, met Tuesday at Service Access & Management to discuss the sixth point-in-time homeless count in the county.

Results are sent to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, which requires a count of sheltered and unsheltered homeless on a single night each year. This year, the day was Wednesday.

“No one should be homeless. Everyone should have a permanent residence,” Susan Moyer, program administrator with Schuylkill Community Action, said.

“Our mission is to be there where people need us,” Gerald Achenbach, Service Access & Management Inc. housing director and LHOT chairman, said.

Ideally, they would like the number of homeless in the county to be zero, but that isn’t realistic, he said.

Last year, the point-in-time count found 35 people and asked them where they spent the night. Achenbach didn’t know how many they might find this year. Team members count until next week, but they will only ask them where they spent the night Jan. 24. Details will be released later this year.

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