Foster Township Residents Hear More About Blight

Foster Township officials continued the conversation about reducing blight during a short supervisors meeting Monday evening.

Supervisor Chairman George Hocker took a few minutes to clarify for residents the new blight ordinance.

He said that when a violation is found, the alleged violator will first receive a notice. That person will have five days to take action to fix the issue; if no action is taken by the end of the period, the township can issue a $25 fine.

The resident is then given a second five-day period to fix the issue. If no action is taken again, the person may receive a $300 citation at the district judge office, Hocker said.

Supervisor Gus Crissman noted that township officials did their annual road inspection and blight survey a couple of weeks ago, and he felt the blight situation is improving.

“I would like to commend township residents,” said Crissman. “A lot are looking a lot better this year than last.”

However, Crissman added there are still some blight issues. He said the township will again display its “Wall of Shame” — pictures of blighted properties in the township.

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