Health & Housing

Housing is Key Social Determinant of Health

Housing is the foundation from which we build our lives. We spend most of our lives in our homes. The affordability, quality, and stability of our homes is directly linked to our health and well-being. Ensuring that people live in healthy homes is a critical public health issue. The Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania advocates for safe, decent, and affordable homes for low-income persons so they have stable housing and can improve and maintain their health. The Housing Alliance has created issue briefs on how housing is healthcare for several groups of people.

Housing is Healthcare for Children (with Asthma)

Housing is Healthcare for Our Communities

Housing is Healthcare for Nursing Facility Eligible Individuals Living in the Community

Housing is Healthcare for Persons Experiencing Homelessness

Bridging the Gap Between the Housing and Healthcare Industries

The housing and healthcare industries have different goals, speak different languages, and operate in different regulatory environments. However, they are deeply interconnected, can greatly benefit each other, and can improve the quality of life and health of their residents/patients by working together. Below are resources to help bridge the gaps between the two industries. Once the two sectors can understand the basics of each other’s industry, they can come together to craft solutions for addressing intertwined housing and healthcare challenges. Below are Housing Alliance resources and links to several leading organizations in connecting the housing and healthcare industries.

Housing Acronyms

Enterprise Communities: Health Starts at Home

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Housing and Health

Examples of the Healthcare and Housing Industries Coming Together

There are several examples of the healthcare and housing industries working together. We will periodically update this page with examples of new partnerships, partnerships brought to scale, and sustainable partnerships between the two industries for which residents/patients realize immediate and long-term improvements to their quality of life and health.