Food insecurity a public health concern

From: Bucks County Courier Times

Studies are showing that food insecurity can lead to mental and physical health challenges, from ADHD to depression to an increased risk of obesity. According to recent studies, food insecurity continues to be a major public health concern nationwide.

Characterized by a household lacking enough food to support a healthy lifestyle, there is growing evidence to suggest that food insecurity can predispose — or exacerbate — mental health issues in children and adults. A 2019 study in the academic journal Nutrients shows that while additional research is needed, there is evidence to suggest a predictive relationship exists between childhood food insecurity and symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, with lasting impacts into adulthood.

Additional research regarding food and well-being, published in the Journal of Public Policy in 2018, explains that experiencing hunger even for a short period of time has adverse mental and physical outcomes, from depression and vitamin deficiencies to — surprisingly — an increased risk of obesity. In adults, experts note that food insecurity correlates with depression, feeling drained, and a depleted sense of well-being. These findings are no surprise to Maddie Burgess, who serves as co-chair of Bucks County’s Hunger and Nutrition Coalition.

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