Editorial: Action on Erie Refocused taking shape

Published in Erie Times News

Published: August 6, 2017

The beginnings of progress toward implementing the city of Erie’s comprehensive plan are taking tangible forms. Blighted houses and other structures are coming down. New and more flexible sources of funding are being secured.

Word of those and other developments was relayed to Erie City Council on Thursday evening by the Erie Refocused Action Team. The existence of that team — consisting of officials from City Hall and Erie County government — is itself an indicator of promise.

The idea is for the relevant officials to work together as an integrated team rather than in silos as they typically have in the past. That spirit of cooperation is palpable and welcome, and must become standard operating procedure.

Among the progress detailed by action team members is securing nearly $7 million in grants from a variety of sources. More than $113,000 of that money has been used since May to demolish 13 blighted structures, most of them in the east and west bayfront neighborhoods.

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