Eastern PA COC RFP: Coordinated Entry System Managers

Posted: August 4, 2017

Due Date: August 31, 2017

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Continuum of Care (CoC) Program
is designed to promote a community-wide commitment to the goal of ending homelessness; to
provide funding for efforts by nonprofit providers, States, and local governments to quickly rehouse
homeless individuals, families, persons fleeing domestic violence, and youth while
minimizing the trauma and dislocation caused by homelessness; to promote access to and
effective utilization of mainstream programs by the homeless; and to optimize self-sufficiency
among those experiencing homelessness.

The Eastern Pennsylvania Continuum of Care is comprised of five Regional Homeless
Advisory Boards (RHABs) that identify local homeless issues, coordinate planning for projects,
identify needs, and develop strategies and priorities to end homelessness in the local area.
Each RHAB is responsible for operationalizing the policies adopted by the CoC by working
with their community to address and end homelessness locally. The five RHABs and the
respective counties served by each RHAB are as follows:

  • RHAB 1 (South Central) – Adams, Bedford, Blair, Cambria, Centre, Franklin, Fulton,
    Huntingdon, Somerset
  •  RHAB 2 (Lehigh Valley) – Lehigh, Northampton
  •  RHAB 3 (Central Valley) – Columbia, Cumberland, Juniata, Lebanon, Mifflin, Montour,
    Northumberland, Perry, Schuylkill, Snyder, Union
  • RHAB 4 (Northern Tier) – Bradford, Clinton, Lycoming, Sullivan, Susquehanna, Tioga,
  • RHAB 5 (Pocono) – Carbon, Monroe, Pike, Wayne

The Eastern Pennsylvania Continuum of Care’s housing crisis response system denotes all
the services and housing available to persons who are at imminent risk of experiencing literal
homelessness and those who are homeless. Beginning in January 2018, the CoC’s
Coordinated Entry System (CES) will coordinate access, assessment and referral into the
housing crisis response system for all households and populations. CES will also attempt to
divert households from entering shelter if possible. Diversion is a strategy that prevents
homelessness for people seeking shelter by helping them identify immediate alternate housing
arrangements and, if necessary, connecting them with services and financial assistance to
help them return to permanent housing.

Consumers will have the opportunity to access the CES through either a toll-free Call Center or
through designated Access Sites in each region (consumers will choose one or the other, not
both). While all HUD-funded programs will be required to receive referrals from CES, all local
housing and service providers will be encouraged to participate in order to maximize the
efficient and effective use of all community resources to end homelessness. Coordinated Entry
System client data will be entered, managed, saved and analyzed by the CoC’s Homeless
Management Information System (HMIS).

Coordinated Entry System Manager Position Description
The Coordinated Entry System Manager is a full-time position employed, managed and
supervised by a public or nonprofit organization operating within the 33-county region of the
Eastern PA CoC. If resources allow, there will be one full-time Coordinated Entry System
Manager in each of the five multi-county regions of the CoC (five managers in total). At
minimum, there will be one full-time Coordinated Entry System Manager to lead Coordinated
Entry throughout the entire CoC. Organizations employing a Coordinated Entry System
Manager in need of HUD CoC grant funding for the position will contract with the Housing
Alliance of Pennsylvania.

Coordinated Entry System Managers should embrace a Housing First philosophy of ending
homelessness. Their essential skills should include empathy, collaboration, communication,
creative problem-solving, the capacity for managing multiple tasks at once, and knowledge of
housing and homeless services.

The Coordinated Entry System Manager’s essential roles and responsibilities include to:
1. Manage the HMIS Community Queue for housing service referrals daily.
2. Interpret and enforce CES policies and procedures among Coordinated Entry Access Sites
and referral partners.
3. Facilitate quarterly regional Coordinated Entry Specialist meetings focused on continual
quality improvement, training, peer learning and problem-solving.
4. Facilitate monthly regional Referral Partner Community Queue meetings to ensure
households are being served by name and prioritization as quickly and effectively as
5. Review and distribute HMIS CES reports weekly to all CES funders and service providers.
6. Provide ongoing feedback to the CoC CES Committee.
7. Serve as a liaison to the HMIS administrator about how the CES Pre-Screening, VI-SPDAT
assessment, Community Queue, and reporting processes work and can be improved.
8. Conduct CES outreach and marketing to housing, homeless and other human service
providers, first responders, police, health systems, veterans’ organizations, county and
municipal governments, consumers and the public.
9. Field CES Pre-Screen Questions and VI-SPDATs for people experiencing or at imminent
risk of homelessness as needed to fill gaps in coverage during CES business hours.
10. Respond to consumer grievances with the CES promptly and courteously.

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Eastern PA CoC RFP for Coordinated Entry System Managers

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