Commentary: gentrification displaced my family from point breeze

From: Philadelphia Inquirer

I became a volunteer with WCRP because I felt personally affected by the lack of affordable housing and wanted to learn how I could come together with other families that are struggling and suffering because of this crisis. With WCRP, we are fighting for land to develop low-income rental housing, establishing a community land trust to ensure permanent housing affordability, and working with over 60 partner organizations to advocate for equity in land and housing policies across the city.

For those of us who have felt the pressure of gentrification and been pushed out of our neighborhoods, our personal stories tell the real costs of displacement — experiences that are not counted in the Federal Reserve Bank study published this month.

I am a volunteer with the Women’s Community Revitalization Project (WCRP) and was a resident of Point Breeze for 16 years before moving to the Northeast this past spring. There were a number of reasons for me to leave South Philly but a big one was the lack of affordability. In fact, I found my options of where to live in this city very limited because gentrification is happening all over and prices are rising.

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