Clean Power Plan Comments- Housing Alliance of PA

These comments are submitted on behalf of the Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania, a statewide nonprofit organization that works to increase the availability of homes within reach of all Pennsylvanians, especially those with low incomes. The Housing Alliance also advocates for policies to advance community revitalization efforts. The Alliance is a membership organization representing non-profit and for-profit developers and owners of affordable homes, providers of services to people experiencing homelessness, community development corporations, and others involved in the process of helping low wage workers and people on fixed incomes find and keep homes within their reach.

For the reasons stated in the Comments document, The Housing Alliance urges the (1) prioritization of energy efficiency programs for affordable housing and (2) opting into the Clean Energy Initiative Program (CEIP).

The Housing Alliance of PA had the opportunity to submit comments on PennsylvaniaÂ’s Clean Power Plan (CPP).

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